Diversity study and teaching; Minority students; Public schools; Social justice; Teacher education


In the United States today, the fastest growing populations of public school students are collectively African American and Hispanic American, and the students who immigrate to the United States from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean nations. And, at the same time, demographics are changing in our classrooms, the majority of teachers and administrators in the U. S. are White, live in the mainstream culture, and have limited cross-cultural experiences with groups other than their own. Teachers and administrators play key roles in ensuring students’ success. There is a far greater need today for teachers and administrators to gain more knowledge about diversity and social justice if we, as a nation, are to realize high levels of learning for all students. To that aim, in this article, we report on the Social Justice Critical Reflection Model (SJCRM) that we developed to teach for diversity and social justice.