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Multicultural education; Societies--History, organization, etc.

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The spark for the idea of a national organization that would serve as the forum and professional arena for the discussion, deliberations, and creation of knowledge related to concepts and principles of multiculturalism ignited after years of gestation. The discussion of this period is presented in Part 1: The Perspective. The genesis chapter explores and discusses the isms and other forms of oppression that permeated the cultural environments of the Founders. Part 2: The Voices contains chapters which emanate frustrations, concerns, and obstacles that the Founders, led by Dr. Rose Duhon-Sells, had to endure as they strategized and developed a model for an organization that would provide the physical and psychological spaces for the evolvement of multiculturalism and the fiscal sustainability of NAME. Part 3: The Future contains a chapter that proposes future directions that also reveals pertinent challenges that must be considered by the leadership of NAME.