Journal of Research in Technical Careers


meta-analysis, systematic review, research synthesis, career and technical education, vocational education


Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Vocational Education


Meta-analytic studies are syntheses of literature in which researchers use statistical means to summarize the findings presented across primary studies. They are of great interest in the fields of medicine and social sciences with numerous examples published in peer-reviewed journals. However, it appears that career and technical education (CTE) researchers are either not performing these research syntheses, or are not publishing their findings. Thus, there are three purposes to this manuscript. The first is to present CTE researchers and practitioners with a rationale as to why meta-analyses should be performed. The second is to provide guidelines that researchers and practitioners use to perform their own meta-analyses. The third is to provide suggestions that researchers and practitioners can use to disseminate the results of their meta-analyses. The manuscript concludes with a listing of suggested areas for future research.