Journal of Research in Technical Careers


career and technical education, vocational education and training, academic journals, diffusion of research information


Vocational Education


In career and technical education (CTE), the role of academic journals has been critical in the dissemination of information as the field shifted from vocational education to CTE. To keep up with changes in the field, some journals have been renamed to reflect the new emphasis, other journals have retained their historical branding, and new journals have emerged. Thus, the purpose of this descriptive research was to review the typology and dissemination rates of journals currently available in CTE as a means to clarify their role and impact in the field. The review resulted in the identification of 17 journals mediating the diffusion of research information in the United States and internationally. Further, over the past 10 years (2008-2017), a consistent rate of dissemination was observed as a whole, but variable for individual journals. In general, considering the overall pool, scope, and emphasis relevant to different audiences, it appears that journals in the field represent a consistent diffusion model to make research information readily accessible for a variety of purposes.