Journal of Research in Technical Careers


Job Analysis, DACUM, forestry and fire management, culturally responsive pedagogy


Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences


The purpose of this study was to identify the competencies that are required for entry-level forestry and fire management technicians. The strategy is a part of a larger goal to develop the STEM identity of Nez Perce students through the integration of relevant competencies in middle and high school curriculums. The DACUM process was used. Through this groupware process, nine experts from the Nez Perce Natural Resources produced a competency profile consisting of 12 duties and 79 tasks, along with general knowledge and skills, attitudes, tools, and future trends. Findings indicate that the experts view relevant cultural competencies as central to the function of the job and not as mere enablers. This has implications for how content is integrated, taught, and assessed in schools.