Journal of Research in Technical Careers


cooperating teacher, school-based agricultural education, student teaching, teacher preparation, effective teaching


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Other Teacher Education and Professional Development | Vocational Education


Cooperating teachers are a key component to the success of student teaching internships, serving an integral part in “raising” a teacher. To effectively facilitate the student teaching internship, teacher preparation programs must identify cooperating teachers who align philosophically with the pedagogical training delivered by university programs (Korthagen & Kessels, 1999; Tom, 1997), specifically, cooperating teachers who can reinforce the theoretical framework underpinning the professional coursework pre-service teachers experience in university teacher preparation programs. This qualitative study sought to better understand the feedback provided to future school-based agricultural education (SBAE) teachers during their student teaching experience. Through initial and secondary coding, the research team identified themes among the feedback provided to student teachers by their cooperating teachers. The study revealed cooperating teacher feedback reflects the pedagogical training provided via the teacher preparation program, specifically, around effective teaching behaviors. Understanding the cooperating teacher feedback provides insight for teacher preparation programs.