Journal of Research in Technical Careers


alternatively licensed teachers, teacher preparedness, career technical education, self-efficacy, social cognitive career theory


Secondary Education and Teaching | Teacher Education and Professional Development | Vocational Education


This study aimed to assess the level of preparedness of alternatively licensed teachers who completed the Idaho CTE InSpIRE Educate program. A survey was distributed to 67 program completers, and the data were analyzed using statistical tools. The research found that participants believed InSpIRE provided adequate training to meet the Idaho requirements for new CTE teachers, indicating a perception of preparedness and self-efficacy. Higher self-efficacy was associated with participation in the program. However, the study also revealed room for improvement in the training, aligning with previous research that emphasized the unique needs of CTE teachers. Further research was recommended to compare the support provided by alternative CTE programs to traditional certification programs, particularly in rural settings where lower self-efficacy may be observed. Other recommendations included conducting personal interviews with InSpIRE completers, making improvements to the program based on participant feedback, and exploring the impact of pedagogical theory in training.