Heart Rate Accuracy Of The Jabra Earbuds And Scosche Armband Using Consumer Technology Association Standards

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Medicine and Science in Sports and Science





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PURPOSE: To evaluate the accuracy of commercially available HR monitors using CTA guidelines. METHODS: Participants (n = 22) simultaneously wore a Polar chest strap, Jabra Elite earbuds, and Scosche Rhythm 24 armband during sitting, activities of daily living, walking, jogging, running, and cycling, totaling 57 minutes of monitored activity. The chest strap served as the criterion measure for HR comparisons. HR data were obtained every second from the chest strap, earbuds, and armband. Accuracy was assessed for each device within each activity via mean bias, mean absolute percent error (MAPE), and intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). A device was considered accurate if the MAPE was <10% in combination with ICC > 0.90. RESULTS: The Jabra earbuds registered zero as a HR during the sedentary condition (48, 0.6%), lifestyle condition (225, 1.3%), walking (178, 1.8%), walk.jog (739, 4.5%), running (333, 3.4%), and cyling (295, 1.8%). The Scosche device did not have any zeroes registered as HR, so no data points were removed from analysis for the devices. The Jabra mean bias was within ±5 bpm for each condition, except cycling, which was higher (6.88 bpm). MAPE exceeded 10% for walk-jog, was 7-8% for lifestyle, walking, running, and cycling, and was <5% for the sedentary condition. ICCs were below 0.90 for lifestyle and walking, equal to 0.90 for dynamic walk-jog and cycling, and greater than 0.92 for sedentary and running. The Schosche mean bias was within ±1 bpm and MAPE was <5% for all conditions. The ICCs were 0.94 or higher for all conditions. CONCLUSIONS: Acceptable HR agreement was observed for the Jabra Elite earbuds in the sedentary, running, and cycling conditions but not during lifestyle tasks, walking, or the dynamic walk-jog. The Schosche Rhythm 24 displayed acceptable HR agreement across all conditions.

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