Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries faculty.


Submissions from 2018


ORCID Integration at the UNLV Libraries, A.L. Carson, Matthew Murray, and John Novak

All in: The Spread of Gambling in twentieth-century United States, Jonathan D. Cohen, David G. Schwartz, and Ann Fabian

Leadership Reflections: Leadership Paradoxes, M Farrell

Leadership Reflections: Parent Leadership, Maggie Farrell


Digital Processing Framework, Erin Faulder, Susanne Annand, Sally DeBauche, Martin Gengerbach, Karla Irwin, Julie Musson, Shira Peltzman, Kate Tasker, Laura Uglean Jackson, and Dorothy Waugh

Review: Great events from history: the 21st century 2000–2016, Priscilla J. Finley

Research Lifecycles as the basis for library service plans: an annotated bibliography, Priscilla J. Finley and Susie A. Skarl


The Digital Librarian: The Liaison between Digital Collections and Digital Preservation, Marina Georgieva


Testing Future Teachers: A Quantitative Exploration of Factors Impacting the Information Literacy of Teacher Education Students, Samantha Godbey


Assessment and Perception of Information Literacy Skills Among Teacher Education Students, Samantha Godbey and Alexandra Dema


Applying an Infomation Literacy Rubric to First-Year Health Sciences Student Research Posters, Xan Goodman, John Watts, Rogelio A. Arenas, Rachelle Weigel, and Tony Terrell

Applying An Information Literacy Rubric To First-year Health Sciences Student Research Posters, X Goodman, J Watts, R Arenas, R Weigel, and T Terrell

Optimizing Merged Metadata Standards for Online Community History: a Linked Open Data Approach, K. Meghan Gross, Cory K. Lampert, and Emily A. Lapworth


Book Review: So You Want to Be an Academic Library Director, Pat Hawthorne


Book Review: The Dysfunctional Library: Challenges and Solutions to Workplace Relationships, Pat Hawthorne


Book Review: The Dysfunctional Library: Challenges and Solutions to Workplace Relationships, Pat Hawthorne


Review: So You Want to Be an Academic Library Director, Patsy T. Hawthorne


Effective Embedding: Working With Academic Departments and Online Courses, Starr Hoffman

Triangulating an Assessment Plan, Starr Hoffman

Ramping Up: Evaluating Large-scale Digitization Potential With Small-scale Resources, C Lampert

Visual Literacy in Practice: Use of Images in Students’ Academic Work, Krystyna K. Matusiak, Chelsea M. Heinbach, Anna Harper, and Michael Bovee

Plan, Prioritize, and Partner: A Model to Create Successful Outreach Programs and Events, Rosan E. Mitola


Student Employment as a High-Impact Practice in Academic Libraries: A Systematic Review, Rosan Mitola, Erin Rinto, and Emily Pattni


Integrating Information Literacy and Evidence-based Medicine Content within a New School of Medicine Curriculum: Process and Outcome, Joanne M. Muellenbach, Kathryn M. Houk, Dana E. Thimons, and Bredny Rodriguez


Review of: Families at Play: Connecting and Learning Through Video Games, Matthew Murray


Review of: The World of Scary Video Games: A Study in Videoludic Horror, Approaches To Digital Game Studies, Matthew Murray


The IR has Two Faces: Positioning Institutional Repositories for Success, John Novak and Annette Day


Collections as Data: Implications for Enclosure, Thomas G. Padilla

Agility in the Archives: Translating Agile Methods to Archival Project Management, Cynthia A. Shein, Hannah E. Robinson, and Hana Gutierrez

Going the Distance for Grads: What Online Graduate Students Want from the Library, Susie Skarl and Darcy Del Bosque

G Suite as an Enterprise Communications and Collaboration Tool, Jason B. Vaughan and Kristen A. Costello

Submissions from 2017

The Impact of Information Literacy Instruction on Student Success: A Multi-Institutional Investigation and Analysis, Melissa Bowles-Terry, Joni Blake, Shirlene Pearson, and Zoltan Szentkiralyi


Collaborating with Teaching Faculty on Transparent Assignment Design, Melissa Bowles-Terry, John C. Watts, Pat Hawthorne, and Patricia Iannuzzi

Rowing the Big Boat Together: Mixed Staffing Arrangements for Large Instruction Programs, Gregory L. Carr

#digitalarchivesfail: Well, That Didn't Work, A.L. Carson


ORCID @ University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries Pre-Pilot Report, A. L. Carson and Matthew Murray

Resource Review – Criminal Justice Abstracts, Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Sage Criminology, Melissa Chomintra and Susie A. Skarl

Review Essay: Reno Revisited: Fresh Perspectives on the “Biggest Little City in the World”, Su K. Chung

Archival Finding Aids, Su Kim Chung and Karla A. Irwin


Research Information Management: How the Library Can Contribute to the Campus Conversation, Annette P. Day


Beyond awareness: improving outreach and marketing through user surveys, D Del Bosque, R Mitola, S Skarl, and S Heaton

Explorations of a Very-large- Screen Digital Library Interface, Alex Dolski, Cory K. Lampert, and Kee Choi


Leadership Reflections: Advisory Bodies, M Farrell

Review: Migration to New Worlds, Priscilla J. Finley

Review: Pavis, Patrice, The Routledge dictionary of performance and contemporary theatre, Priscilla J. Finley


Action Research as Inquiry for Education Students, Samantha Godbey

Disciplinary Applications of Information Literacy Threshold Concepts, Samantha A. Godbey, Susan Beth Wainscott, and Xan Y. Goodman


Introduction, Samantha Godbey, Susan Wainscott, and Xan Goodman


Moving Public Health Learners to the Skeptical Edge with Information Creation as a Process, Xan Goodman

Book Review of Effective Difficult Conversations: A Step-by-Step Guide, Patsy T. Hawthorne

Organization, Administration, Management, and Planning, Jennifer Hoffman

Creating a Data Inventory, Starr Hoffman


The Data Framework: A Collaborative Tool for Assessment at the UNLV Libraries, Starr Hoffman and Ashley Hernandez-Hall

Comics in the Clinic: Librarians promoting graphic medicine for education and outreach, Kathryn M. Houk, Ariel Pomputius, Matthew Noe, and Michelle Green

The Plight of the Solo Exhibit Curator: Identifying and Engaging an Exhibition Team., Karla A. Irwin

Digging in the Mines: Mining Course Syllabi in Search of the Library, Keven M. Jeffery, Kathryn M. Houk, Jordan M. Nielsen, and Jenny M. Wong-Welch

Simulating Access Issues: Using Twine to Teach E-Resources Troubleshooting, Kate Lambaria, Heidi R. Johnson, and Nicole Helregel

Looking at Linked Data from a Digital Asset Management Perspective, Cory K. Lampert


Developmentalism: Learning as the Basis for Evaluating Information, Mark Lenker

Information in the Indignation Age, Mark Lenker

Peer-Assisted Learning in Academic Libraries, Rosan Mitola

Interview Post: Matthew Murray, Matthew Murray

Repurposing Metadata from ArchivesSpace for Original MARC Cataloging, Carol Ou, Katherine L. Rankin, and Cyndi Shein


Repurposing ArchivesSpace Metadata for Original MARC Cataloging, C Ou, K L. Rankin, and C Shein

Memorials to WAML Founding Members and to Other Members Who Have Made Major Contributions to WAML, Katherine L. Rankin

“Historical Parallels between Tournament Poker and Esports.”, David G. Schwartz

Research (In)Complete: An Exploratory History of Competitive Video Gaming, David G. Schwartz


Review: Chloe E. Taft. From Steel to Slots: Capitalism in the Postindustrial City, David G. Schwartz

Sixty Years Ago, The Tropicana Opened Under Mob’s Hidden Control, David G. Schwartz

The Hit That Could Have Sunk Las Vegas, David G. Schwartz

Open-Source Opens Doors: A Case Study on Extending ArchivesSpace Code at UNLV Libraries, Cynthia Shein, Carol Ou, Karla A. Irwin, and Carlos Lemus


Creating a Virtuous Circle of Student Engagement with the Tech Corner, Brian R. Shuck, Susan B. Wainscott, Jennifer Church-Duran, and Darcy C. Del Bosque

Web Scale Discovery Services, Jason B. Vaughan

Educational story as a tool for addressing the framework for information literacy for higher education, J J. Vossler and J Watts


Mining for the Best Information Value with Geoscience Students, Susan Wainscott and Joshua W. Bonde

Inclusive Cultural and Social Pedagogy in the Library Classroom, John C. Watts


Distributed publishers: Collaborating & Facilitating Publishing Across Campus, Andrea Wirth

Submissions from 2016


Rebuilding: Organizing and operating under new management, S Aladebumoye, N P. Ellero, and Annette Day


Serving Notice on the One-Shot: Changing Roles for Instruction Librarians, Melissa Bowles-Terry and C Donovan

Determining Organizational Readiness for an ILS Migration—A Strategic Approach, Annette Day and Carol Ou

Keeping workplace burnout at bay: Online coping and prevention resources, Darcy Del Bosque and S Skarl

Review: The Chicago guide to grammar, usage and punctuation, Priscilla J. Finley


Education, Samantha Godbey and Amanda K. Melilli


Grief in the Library: Coping with the Loss of a Colleague, Xan Y. Goodman, Susan B. Wainscott, and Samantha Godbey

Interview Preparation Gumbo, Lateka J. Grays

Using a Tool to Build a Culture of Assessment: The Data Framework, Ashley Hall and Starr Hoffman

Visualizing Local Data: The Ithaka S+R Survey at UNLV, Jennifer Hoffman and Ashley Hernandez-Hall


Dynamic Research Support in Academic Libraries, Starr Hoffman