Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries faculty.


Submissions from 2024


Maintenance as a Core Value Recommendations for Increasing Gender Equity on Digital Scholarship Teams, Amanda Koziura and Stephanie Becker


Beyond the Library: The Role of Academic Libraries’ Chat Reference in Answering Campus Questions, Erin Owens, Vanessa Acre, Darcy C. Del Bosque, Robin Fowler, and Silvia Sheffield

Submissions from 2023


Inclusive Or Harmful? A Critical Content Analysis of Tutorial Offerings from R1 Academic Libraries, Carrieann Cahall, Rosan Mitola, Chelsea Heinbach, and Amber Sewell


Designing and Implementing an Instructional Triptych for a Digital Future, Erin Sweeney Smith, Amanda Koziura, Elizabeth Meinke, and Evan Meszaros

Submissions from 2022

Librarians as Faculty Developers: Competencies and Recommendations, Melissa Bowles-Terry and Karen Sobel


Inclusive and Anti-Racist Collecting at UNLV: Draft Report and Recommendations, Annette Day, Sarah R. Jones, Amy Tureen, Susan B. Wainscott, Amanda Melilli, Thomas Padilla, and Aidy Weeks


Letter to NLM about MeSH, Violet Fox, Katie Lobner, Kelleen Maluski, Christian Minter, Chelsea Misquith, Stephanie Roth, Aidy Weeks, and Jamia Williams


Gathering Knowledge in Your Library: Community Mentoring for Academic Librarians, Lateka J. Grays, Xan Y. Goodman, and Andrea Wirth


Hot Topics Trade Publications Connect Research with Career Ambitions, Lateka J. Grays and Mark N. Lenker III


Digital Partnerships: Nontraditional Learning Opportunities at the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship, Amanda Koziura and R. Benjamin Gorham


Hispanic/Latinx Inclusive Terminologies Projects Technical Report, Aidy Weeks and Katie Hoskins

Submissions from 2021

We Got You! Empowering BIPOC Information Professionals through Virtual Development Opportunities., Kelsa Bartley, Tamara Nelson, Beverly Murphy, Xan Y. Goodman, Shannon Jones, Tyler Moses, Aidybert Weeks, and Jamia Williams

We can make it better: Removing inequities and increasing compassion in academic hiring, Gail Betz, Hilary Kraus, Stephen G. Krueger, and Amy E. Tureen

Desperately Seeking Standards: Using Text Processing to Save Your Time, Halle Burns and Susan B. Wainscott

LibGuide Standards: Loose Regulations and Lax Enforcement, Darcy Del Bosque and Sara E. Morris

Engaging Student Employee Expertise to Improve Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons, Brittany P. Fiedler, Maggie Bukowski, Chelsea M. Heinbach, Eduardo Martinez-Flores, and Rosan E. Mitola


Accessibility and Discoverability. A Report on the ALCTS CaMMS Catalog Form and Function Interest Group Meeting, Kelsey George


A Path for Moving Forward With Local Changes to the Library of Congress Subject Heading “Illegal Aliens”, Kelsey George, Erin Grant, Cate Kellett, and Karl Pettitt


Metadata Remediation of Legacy Digital Collections: Efficient Large-Scale Metadata Clean-Up with a Sleek Workflow and a Handy Tool, Marina Georgieva

Developing a P-12 English Language Learner Collection in an Academic Library That Reflects Its Community, Samantha Godbey and Amanda Melilli

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Systematic Reviews: Elevating research support at your institution, Samantha Godbey, Ruby Nugent, and Aidy Weeks

Considerations of Providing Patent and Trademark Assistance Services at One’s Library, Patrick Griffis and Jared Hoppenfeld


Learning from Las Vegas: Adapting Workflows for Managing Born-Digital Design Records, Tammi Kim and Karla Irwin


Assessing Large-scale Digitization Using Web Analytics, Emily Lapworth


The Archives at the Tip of Their Fingers: Exploring User Reactions to Large-Scale Digitization, Emily Lapworth and Su Kim Chung

The Variability and Determinants of Testosterone Measurements in Children: A Critical Review, Jessa Rose Li, Xan Goodman, June Cho, and Diane Holditch-Davis

What came first the SPARQL or the egg?: Managing SPARQL informed Wikidata productions for special collections and archives, Darnelle O. Melvin


Rebuilding ORCID Campus Outreach During a Pandemic, Christina M. Miskey


Medical Library Association Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Report, Jane Morgan-Daniel, Xan Y. Goodman, Sandra G. Franklin, Kelsa Bartley, Matthew Nicholas Noe, and J. J. Pionke

Complications of Traditional Bonesetting in Contemporary Fracture Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review, Ndubuisi O. Onyemaechi, William Nii Ayitey Menson, Xan Goodman, Samantha Slinkard, Obinna E. Onwujekwe, Ugochukwu N. Enweani, Okechukwu E. Nwankwo, Benedict C. Nwomeh, Fiemu E. Nwariaku, and Echezona E. Ezeanolue

Starting with I: Combating Anti-Blackness in Libraries, Peace Ossom-Williamson, Jamia Williams, Xan Goodman, Christian I.J. Minter, and Ayaba Logan


Persian NACO Manual, Denise Soufi, Nora Avetyan, Shelton Henderson, Juliet Sabouri-Yaghoobi Nasab, Cyrus Ford Zarganj, and Neda Zeraatkar

We're Down With IED, Yeah You Know Me....Or Do You?, Brittani Sterling

Unlatching Knowledge: Preparing New Subject Librarians for Collection Development, James Cory Tucker and Matt Torrence

The Role of the Supervisor in Creating and Maintaining an Emotionally Healthy Workplace, Amy Tureen


Proving the Proverbial Gadfly: Situating the Historical and Racial Context of Southern Medical Works by Mary Louise Marshall, Aidybert Weeks


¡Presente!: Affirming Latinx Voices Within Health Sciences Library Scholarship, Aidybert Weeks, Adela V. Justice, Ruby Nugent, Bredny Rodriguez, and Brenda Linares

Submissions from 2020

Archives and Special Collections Linked Data: Navigating Between Notes and Nodes, Erin Blake, Itza Carbajal, Regine Heberlein, Sarah Horowitz, Jason Kovari, Vanessa Lacey, Cory Lampert, Darnelle Melvin, Holly Mengel, Cory Nimer, Maria Oldal, Merrilee Proffitt, Nathan Putnam, Arielle Rambo, Elizabeth Roke, Eric de Ruijter, Dan Santamaria, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Weatherly Stephan, Bruce Washburn, and Chela S. Weber

Regeneration Dynamics of Great Basin Bristlecone Pine in Southern Nevada, Philip J. Burton, Jesy Simons, Steve Brittingham, Daniel B. Thompson, Darin W. Brooks, and Lawrence R. Walker


Librarians and Administrators on Academic Library Impact Research: Characteristics and Perspectives, James Cheng and Starr Hoffman PhD

Dismantling Deficit Thinking: A Strengths-Based Inquiry Into the Experiences of Transfer Students In and Out of Academic Libraries, Brittany Fiedler, Chelsea Heinbach, Rosan Mitola, and Emily Pattni


Responding to Hate: How National and Local Incidents Sparked Action at the UNLV University Libraries, Brittany Paloma Fiedler, Rosan Mitola, and James Cheng


DisService: Disabled Library Staff and Service Expectations, Kelsey George


Designing a Collaborative Learning Experience around the Framework, Samantha Godbey and Xan Y. Goodman

Teaching Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility in Dental Medicine, Xan Y. Goodman and Ruby L. Nugent

Reimagining Career Collections to Increase Usage and Engagement, Lateika Grays and James Cory Tucker


Lisa K. Traditi, AHIP, Medical Library Association President, 2020–2021, Brittany R. Heer and Ruby L. Nugent


University of Nevada, Las Vegas: Liaisons and Teaching Librarians—Navigating Overlapping Responsibilities and Identities, Chelsea Heinbach and Susan B. Wainscott

US Academic Libraries' Staffing and Expenditure Trends (1996–2016), Starr Hoffman and Samantha Godbey

Balancing the Art and Science of Archival Processing Metrics and Assessment, Sarah R. Jones, Cyndi Shein, Tammi Kim, and Karla Irwin

Rethinking Record Groups and University Archives Classification at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Tammi Kim

All Outrage, All the Time: Anger and Political Media, Mark Lenker

Collaborative Planning for Outreach Priorities, Mark Lenker


Open-Mindedness is an Achievement: Prototyping a New Threshold Concept for Information Literacy, Mark Lenker

Student Perceptions of the Library during Times of Terror: Exploratory Research Surveying Students Affected by the October 1 Shooting and Their Impressions of Safety in the Academic Library Community, Kelsey Lupo Mazmanyan


Banned Books Buffet, Amanda Melilli and Rosan Mitola

Reporting the Spanish Influenza Epidemic in Nevada, Peter Michel


Integrating Student Assistants into Digital Repository Workflows: Challenges and Best Practices, Christina M. Miskey, Kelsey Lupo Mazmanyan, Cory K. Lampert, and Andrea Wirth

Ebook Collection Development in Academic Libraries: Examining Preference, Management, and Purchasing Patterns., John Novak, L. Angie Ohler, and Annette Day

Cultivating Digitization Competencies, Gayle O'Hara, Emily Lapworth, and Cory Lampert

Digital Sources and Digital Archives: Historical Evidence in the Digital Age, Thomas Padilla and Trevor Owens

Venomous in the Extreme: Understanding Frank Sinatra's Acrimonious 1963 Exit From Nevada Gaming, David G. Schwartz

Perspectives and Practices: Archival Processing Metrics Survey Findings, Cyndi Shein, Sarah R. Jones, Tammi Kim, and Karla Irwin

Faculty-Librarian Collaborations: Integrating the Information Literacy Framework into Disciplinary Courses, Michael Stopel, Livia Piotto, Xan Y. Goodman, and Samantha Godbey

The Role of the Supervisor In Creating and Maintaining an Emotionally Healthy Workplace, Amy Tureen


Virtual Cohorts: Peer Support and Problem-Solving at a Distance, Amy Tureen, Erick Lemon, Joyce Martin, Starr Hoffman, Mindy Thuna, and Willie Miller


Assessing Generational Preferences in Characteristics of an Admired Leader Among Career Library Professionals, Amy Tureen and Susie Skarl

Library Privacy Policies, Jason Vaughan


Improving Access to Standards, Susan B. Wainscott and Richard J. Zwiercan

A Review of LWW Health Library for Clerkship/Clinical Rotations, Aidybert Weeks

UNLV Health Sciences Library’s Initial Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: How a Versatile Environment, Online Technologies, and Liaison Expertise Prepared Library Faculty in Supporting Its User Communities, Aidy Weeks, Kathryn M. Houk, Ruby L. Nugent, Mayra Corn, and Mellanye Lackey

Submissions from 2019

Leadership Reflections: It is Not About the Perks, Karl Bridges

Linked Data for the Perplexed Librarian, Scott Carlson, Cory Lampert, Darnelle Melvin, and Anne Washington

Metadata Revisited Updating Metadata Profiles and Practices in a Vendor-Hosted Repository, A. L. Carson and Carol Ou

The Subject Specialist is Dead. Long Live the Subject Specialist!, Annette Day and John Novak

Leadership Reflections: Organizational Culture, Maggie Farrell

Leadership Reflections: Organizational Language, Maggie Farrell

Leadership Reflections: Who Are Your Peeps?, Maggie Farrell


Digitization Workflows: Streamlining the Digitization Process and Distinguishing the Peculiarities in Capturing Various Archival Materials, Marina Georgieva


Successful Management of an Outsourced Large-scale Digitization Newspaper Project, Marina Georgieva

Career Exploration at the Middle School Level: Barriers and Opportunities, Samantha Godbey and Howard R. D. Gordon

Investigating Public Health Indexes, Xan Goodman

Assessing Mastery Learning Nursing and Pharmacy Students' Preferences for e-Book and Print Books: A Case Study, Xan Goodman and Suzanne Fayle

Impact of Traditional Bonesetters on Contemporary Fracture Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs): A Systematic Review, Xan Goodman, Ndubuisi Onyemaechi, William N. A. Menson, Samantha Slinkard, Obinna E. Onwujekwe, Ugochukwu N. Enweani, Okechukwu E. Nwankwo, Benedict C. Nwomeh, Fiemu E. Nwariaku, and Echezona E. Ezeanolue


The Librarian Parlor: Demystifying the Research Process through Community, Chelsea Heinbach, Charissa Powell, Hailley Fargo, and Nimisha Bhat

On Their Own Terms: First-Year Student Interviews about Everyday Life Research Can Help Librarians Flip the Deficit Script, Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger, Emily Cox, Mark Lenker, Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, and Virginia Kinman

Building the Systematic Review Core in an Academic Health Sciences Library, Mellanye J. Lackey, Heidi Greenberg, and Melissa L. Rethlefsen


Microfilm, Manuscripts, and Photographs: A Case Study Comparing Three Large-Scale Digitization Projects, Emily Lapworth, Sarah R. Jones, and Marina Georgieva


Information Literacy: What's the Question?, Mark Lenker


Indignation in Political Discourse Thoughts toward an Information Literacy Curriculum, Mark N. Lenker III


Engaging Student Veterans as Researchers: Libraries Initiating Campus Collaborations, Mark N. Lenker III and Melissa Bowles-Terry


From Responsible Custody to Responsible Stewardship, Michelle Light

Use and Reuse of Visual Resources in Student Papers and Presentations, Krystyna K. Matusiak, Anna Harper, and Chelsea Heinbach

Visual Literacy in Practice: Use of Images in Students' Academic Work, Krystyna K. Matusiak, Chelsea Heinbach, Anna Harper, and Michael Bovee


Creating an Outreach Story: Assessment Results, Strategic Planning, and Reflection, Rosan Mitola and Amy Wainwright


Should We Flip the Script?: A Literature Review of Deficit-Based Perspectives on First-Year Undergraduate Students’ Information Literacy, Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, Mark Lenker, Emily Cox, and Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger


Reframing Library Student Employment as a High-Impact Practice: Implications from Case Studies, Erin Rinto, Rosan Mitola, and Kate Otto

Leadership Reflections: Complexity and Our Adaptable Minds ? Collaborative Inquiry and Presence-Based Leadership, Tim Schlak

Book Review: Gambling Under the Swastika: Casinos, Horse Racing, Lotteries, and Other Forms of Betting in Nazi Germany, By Robert M. Jarvis, David G. Schwartz

1,000,001 Rules For Being a Librarian of Color, Brittani Sterling and Jennifer Brown