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Jay Weitz is the Music OCLC Users Group‟s (MOUG) OCLC liaison; he is a specialist on music who has written a music cataloging "question and answer" column in MOUG‟s Newsletter since May 1989. This book is a compilation of those columns, edited and arranged by Matthew Sheehy, the Assistant Head of Access/Collection Services and the Performing Arts Bibliographer at Rutgers. Most of the questions and answers that have appeared in Jay‟s column are included. They are arranged by topic, each topic starting with the most recent question and answer first, then going back through time. The earlier questions were included to provide a historical perspective. Because of this approach, questions and answers contain references to outdated technology, superseded documentation, old rules, dead URLs, old forms of headings and guidelines that were promised but never appeared. In some cases, Jay has added corrective or clarifying notes; also, in cases where errors in answers were corrected in later issues of the Newsletter, the correction is here found directly after the error.


Books – Reviews; Cataloging of music


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