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Before getting into the “Instruction Dimension” let’s start with a brief timeline to provide some context. I have been working on my Internet Guide to Architecture and Building for many years now: since 1992 at least, since the time of gophers, and other arcane applications I can barely remember like archie and veronica. It wasn’t until 1995, five years ago, that I started an architecture library home page, with a guide to researching architects that included print and net sources and of course with the Internet Guide to Architecture and Building. It is difficult for me now to visualize those fledging web postings! And yet it wasn’t that long ago!! Now, every handout I create goes on the home page. Now, many “handouts” are available only on the web (for example, all the Las Vegas architecture material I and a couple of grad assistants are generating). Now, some material is only possible on the web (for example the virtual tour of the architecture library space).


Architectural libraries; Architecture – Research; Electronic information resources; Libraries and the Internet; Library web sites


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