Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries faculty.


Submissions from 2004


Where is the library in course management software?, Marianne A. Buehler

Ask a UT system librarian: A multi-campus chat initiative supporting students at a distance, Darcy C. Del Bosque and Kimberly Chapman

Recruiting for diversity, Jennifer L. Fabbi


A Sidney Chronology 1554-1664, Priscilla Finley


Teaching Revising and Editing: An annotated bibliography, Priscilla Finley


The American College Novel: An annotated bibliography, Priscilla Finley


The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing, Priscilla Finley


Stimulating moral reasoning in children through situational learning and children’s literature, Nancy P. Gallavan and Jennifer L. Fabbi


Why Teach ''Research as a Conversation'' in Freshman Composition Courses? A Metaphor to Help Librarians and Composition Instructors Develop a Shared Model, P. S. McMillen and E. Hill


Bibliotherapy for Hospital Patients, P. S. McMillen and D. Pehrsson

Cartographic Materials: A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2, 2002, Katherine Rankin

Government information education and training: A selective annotated bibliography, Susie Skarl and Jennifer Cox


Some practical points on organizing ETD consortia, Silvia B. Southwick and Ana Pavani

Building a dental sciences collection in a general academic library, Eva Stowers and Gillian M. Galbraith


Getting Down to Business: Library Staff Training, J. Cory Tucker


University Library Partnerships: Promoting Economic Development, J. Cory Tucker


Collection Development for New Librarians: Advice from the Trenches, J. Cory Tucker and Matt Torrence


A Library’s integrated online library system: System assessment and new hardware implementation, Jason Vaughan


Policies governing use of computing technology in academic libraries, Jason Vaughan

Defining moments: The role of information literacy in the 21st-century construct of education, Anne E. Zald and Mark Donovan

Submissions from 2002

Library instruction for students in design disciplines : Scenarios, exercises, and techniques, Jeanne M. Brown


The Visual learner and information literacy: Generating instruction strategies for design students, Jeanne M. Brown


Using the “ACRL information literacy competency standards for higher education” to assess a university library instruction program, Jeanne R. Davidson, P. S. McMillen, and Laurel S. Maughan


Using the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education to Assess a University Library Instruction Program, Jeanne R. Davidson, P. S. McMillen, and Laurel S. Maughan

Implementation of the 3M Digital identification system at the UNLV libraries, Jennifer L. Fabbi, Sidney D. Lowe, and Kenneth E. Marks

Connecting Books and Cultures: The Coretta Scott King Awards, Jennifer L. Fabbi and Frank W. Serafini


The Oxford Guide to Style, Priscilla Finley

Colophons and Annotations: New Directions for the Finding Aid, Michelle Light and Tom Hyry


Lessons Learned About Developing and Coordinating an Instruction Program with Freshman Composition, P. S. McMillen, B. Myagishima, and Laurel S. Maughan

The Information Commons at Lied Library, Katherine Rankin, Jason Vaughan, Jennifer Church, and Wendy Starkweather

Biblioteca Digital de Teses e Dissertações: Integrando sistemas nacionais de informação de teses e dissertações, Silvia B. Southwick


Journal selections: Let’s support our students’ futures, Eva Stowers, Lesley J. Johnson, and Susan L. Meacham

Preparing for technology: Systems planning and implementation in Lied Library, Jason Vaughan

Bringing them in and checking them out: Laptop use in the modern academic library, Jason Vaughan and Brett Burnes

Submissions from 1997

Architecture: Reference sites on the Internet, Jeanne M. Brown

Teaching study skills and strategies in college, Patricia A. Iannuzzi, Stephen S. Strichart, and Charles T. Mangrum II

Teaching study skills and strategies in grades 4-8, Charles T. Mangrum II, Patricia A. Iannuzzi, and Stephen S. Strichart

Cataloging Motion Pictures and Videorecordings, Katherine Rankin

Teaching study skills and strategies in high school, Stephen S. Strichart, Charles T. Mangrum II, and Patricia A. Iannuzzi

Redefining roles: Librarians as partners in information literacy education, Anne E. Zald and Helene Williams

Submissions from 1996

Antares: Uma experiência brasileira no estabelecimento de uma rede de serviços de informação em C&T, Silvia D. O. Barcellos and A. C. Gaspar