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Southwest Oral History Association Conference

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Boulder City, NV

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This session will examine how oral history is increasing its relevance in a changing digital landscape. This session will not only showcase a few oral history collections currently online, but how oral historians can place them there. Further, this session will explain the basic steps to uploading your interviews (audio, video and transcriptions) to the Web with some practical tools. This session will also showcase a new method of access for oral history researchers. This new method is the digital collection. For example, the University Libraries at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has created the digital collection entitled, “Nevada Test Site Oral History Project.” This digital collection will be showcased so that oral historians can see the more advanced methods of access to our patrons. Further, they will learn how departments within academic institutions work together to create this useful new tool for our oral history researchers. This session will discuss the important role that large and small oral history research centers can play in a changing digital environment. An environment that provides access to the recorded history of the American Southwest.


Digital collections; Digital libraries; Libraries -- Special collections -- Electronic information resources; Electronic reference sources; Online library resources; Oral histories; Oral history


Archival Science | Cataloging and Metadata | Collection Development and Management | Library and Information Science


Presented at: Southwest Oral History Association Conference, Boulder City, NV.
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Sommer, T. (2010, April). Oral history on the Web. Presentation at the conference of the Southwest Oral History Association, Boulder City, NV.