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LOEX Annual Conference

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Houston, Texas

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Transfer students make up 37.2% of college students in the United States (NSCRC 2015), but often aren’t considered in our design of instruction and outreach programs. They quickly blend in with the rest of the campus upon arrival, potentially causing libraries to fail in serving them appropriately. What services and resources do transfer students need? What knowledge and experiences are they bringing to the university? How can libraries collaborate with on- and off-campus partners?

In Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, we surveyed and interviewed transfer students at various points in their academic career. We focused on gaining an understanding of their diverse experiences as well as their past, current, and potential library use. We hoped to discover who these students are and what their lives are like in order to create partnerships engineered for them. This session will share initial results from our research and our upcoming plans to better serve transfer students at UNLV Libraries. Participants will:

  • describe the variety of experiences of transfer students.
  • outline technological and in-person approaches for reaching transfer students.
  • identify potential on- and off-campus partnerships to explore at their own institution


Higher Education | Library and Information Science

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