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Charleston Library Conference

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Charleston, SC

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This poster will discuss how library support for article processing charge (APC) funds has changed since the first fund (as documented by SPARC) was established in 2005. The paper will also cover insights from one institution's implementation of an APC fund in 2018 and how that fund is serving as one method in a suite of tools to engage the campus community on the topic of open access more generally.

With the push towards transformative agreements, and other efforts to embed open access support in publisher contracts, what is the role of the "traditional" article processing charge fund? These funds may be small (relative to collections or library budgets), with limited criteria, and fluctuating budgetary support. However, they can fill a niche that serves as an entry point for authors who wish to explore open access options. For librarians, monetary support for publishing can gain traction in a way that other open access outreach efforts may not. The paper suggests that for an institution just beginning to collectively embrace open access as a legitimate or even preferred model for publishing, the APC fund very much still has a role.

Attendees will learn about trends in APC fund support and the role an APC fund can play on campus beyond simply supporting gold open access. Attendees will hear ideas for integrating APC fund support as an open access conversation starter, a repository marketing tool, and a method for demonstrating the value a library places on supporting open access even in challenging budgetary times.


open access; scholarly publishing

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