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In the 2016-2017 academic year, staff in the Scholarly Communication & Data Services Department at UNLV University Libraries began to compile a comprehensive faculty research bibliography for display in the Digital Scholarship@UNLV institutional repository. The bibliography has been a significant aspect of the workload of the department and a major focus of the institutional repository ever since. While workflows for managing the bibliography evolved over time, metadata cleaning and management, author outreach, and uploading accompanying open access publications to the records remained consistent elements of the project. As scholarly communication and data services grew, department staff began to question the value of the bibliography in relation to time spent on it versus that of initiatives that focused on research impact, data services, and open access beyond the bibliography. With an emphasis on usage statistics (views and downloads), staff time spent, and author engagement, this poster will describe our initial findings from the bibliography assessment project, using a visual depiction of the “ingredients” and the “recipe” we used for the assessment. Optional “add-ins” to the recipe will suggest ways to make an assessment even better. This work will inform others who are either considering starting a bibliography or evaluating an existing faculty bibliography project.

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