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Best Practices Exchange: Libraries and Archives in the Digital Era

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Phoenix, AZ

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• Should there be an overarching philosophy for user-generated content in the organization?

• Who in the management or leadership determines this philosophy or guides the organization to come up with a shared vision?

•What technical considerations are there for these projects? Are there staff that need to be consulted for software choices and technical customization?

•Is there are point person for the project and does this person have the authority and appropriate expertise to moderate content and respond to user’s contributions?

•Should there be appropriate guidelines for communicating an institutions’ brand or message in these new venues?

•And ultimately, who assesses whether or not the project is a success?


Academic libraries; Digital preservation; Library materials--Digitization; Metadata; Project management; Strategic planning


Archival Science | Cataloging and Metadata | Collection Development and Management | Library and Information Science


Presented at: Best Practices Exchange: Libraries and Archives in the Digital Era, Phoenix, Arizona

File: 20 PowerPoint slides

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