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American Library Association Techsource Workshops

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Las Vegas, NV

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Part Four: Quick Tour of the Current Marketplace:

  • "The Big 5"
  • Similarities and differences

Part Five: It's Not All Sliced Bread:

  • Shortcomings of web scale discovery

Part Six: Implementation (pre launch steps):

  • Selecting and preparing implementation staff
  • Preparing and communicating process/decisions with all staff
  • Working with the vendor (roles, expectations, timeline)
  • Workflow changes and implications (technical services)

Part Seven: Specific implementation tasks, issues, and considerations:

  • Record loading and mapping (catalog content)
  • Harvesting and mapping digital/local content
  • Working with central index data (internal & external content)
  • Web integration and customization
  • Assessment and continuous improvement


Information storage and retrieval systems; Libraries — Automation; Online library catalogs


Cataloging and Metadata | Databases and Information Systems | Library and Information Science | Science and Technology Studies | Strategic Management Policy


American Library Association Techsource Workshops (2 part series). July 13 & July20, 2011.

File: 75 PowerPoint sides

Part One:

The preliminary readings for this event were: Jason Vaughan, Web Scale Discovery Services, Library Technology Reports Volume 47, Number 1, Chapters 1 and 6 (both available for free):

Marshall Breeding's Article on Discovery Services from the March Issue of Smart Libraries Newsletter: