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American Library Association Techsource Workshop

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Las Vegas, NV

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Preface: Before Web Scale Discovery

  • A very brief overview

Part 1: What is Web Scale Discovery

  • Content
  • Technology

Part 2: Why is Web Scale Discovery important?

  • What’s the need?
  • How is it different from earlier attempts at broad discovery?

Part 3: A Framework for Evaluating Web Scale Discovery Services

  • What we did at UNLV
  • Other options


Information storage and retrieval systems; Libraries — Automation; Online library catalogs


Cataloging and Metadata | Databases and Information Systems | Library and Information Science | Science and Technology Studies | Strategic Management Policy


American Library Association Techsource Workshops (2 part series). July 13 & July 20, 2011.

File: 90 PowerPoint slides

Part Two: