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AASHE 2012

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Los Angeles, CA

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This presentation discusses the role of libraries in promoting sustainable practices by creating and utilizing a scholarly model of highlighting intellectual content and communication in academia. University community members aspire to collaborate, share, and showcase their sustainability research, activities, and beyond, in an institutional repository. This is an opportunity for libraries to promote scholarly communication that encompasses employing and building upon existing sustainability intellectual content. Research is locally and globally available at no cost to the reader. The social equity quotient is robust, engaging the academic community and public to freely locate research in an open access environment.

Learning Outcomes: Academic researchers typically want their peers to engage with their scholarly output. By discovering opportunities to deposit the scholarship in an open access venue, global researchers are both able to collaborate with their library to archive the materials and have their colleagues locate and build upon the original research. Studies have shown that faculty who embrace open access have greater prospects for higher exposure and impact to their intellectual content. Graduate students also have opportunities to learn about the benefits of open access to scholarship and maximize exposure to their research.


Learning and scholarship; Libraries; Open access publishing; Research


Library and Information Science


Presented at: AASHE 2012 — Los Angeles, CA

File: 17 PowerPoint slides