Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mathematical Sciences Department faculty.


Submissions from 2020

A Note on the Limitations of the CAT Procedure with Application to Mixed-Effects Models, Malwane A. Ananda and Samaradasa Weerahandi

Efficiently Constructing Tangent Circles, Arthur Baragar and Alex Kontorovich


Computational Study of the Time Relaxation Model With High Order Deconvolution Operator, Jeffrey Belding, Monika Neda, and Fran Pahlevani

A Finite Volume–Alternating Direction Implicit Method for the Valuation of American Options under the Heston Model, Jiacheng Cai and Hongtao Yang

Regulation and Characterization of Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells in Breast Cancer, Qile Dai, Weimiao Wu, Amei Amei, Xiting Yan, Lingeng Lu, and Zuoheng Wang

Optimal Control for Electromagnetic Cloaking Metamaterial Parameters Design, Zhiwei Fang, Jichun Li, and Xiang Wang

A Leap-Frog Meshless Method with Radial Basis Functions for Simulating Electromagnetic Wave Splitter and Rotator, Bin He, Jichun Li, Meng Chen, and Yunqing Huang

Energy-Preserving Finite Element Methods for a Class of Nonlinear Wave Equations, Mingyan He and Pengtao Sun

On the Application of Girard-Waring Identities, Tian-Xiao He and Peter Shiue

On the Applications of the Girard-Waring Identities, Tian Xiao He and Peter J.S. Shiue


A Note on Eulerian Numbers and Toeplitz Matrices, Tian-Xiao He and Peter J.-S. Shiue

Computation of Fermat’s Pseudoprimes (Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Leetsch C. Hsu), Tian-Xiao He, Peter J.S. Shiue, and Yaotsu Chang

Recursive Sequences and Girard-Waring Identities with Applications in Sequence Transformation, Tian-Xiao He, Peter J.-S. Shiue, Zihan Nie, and Minghao Chen

Numerical Analysis of a Finite Element Method for the Electromagnetic Concentrator Model, Yunqing Huang and Jichun Li

Mathematical Analysis of Ziolkowski's PML Model With Application for Wave Propagation in Metamaterials, Yunqing Huang, Jichun Li, and Zhiwei Fang

Analysis of a Novel Finite Element Method for a Modified Cahn–Hilliard–Hele–Shaw System, Hongen Jia, Yayu Gao, Jichun Li, and Yunqing Huang

Xinjie Hu, Aekyung Jung, and Gengsheng Qin (2020), "Interval Estimation for the Correlation Coefficient," The American Statistician, 74:1, 29-36: Comment by Krishnamoorthy and Xia, Kalimuthu Krishnamoorthy and Yanping Xia


Finite Element Analysis of an Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian Method for Stokes/Parabolic Moving Interface Problem With Jump Coefficients, Rihui Lan, Michael J. Ramirez, and Pengtao Sun

A Monolithic Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian Finite Element Analysis for a Stokes/Parabolic Moving Interface Problem, Rihui Lan and Pengtao Sun

A Novel Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian Finite Element Method for a Mixed Parabolic Problem in a Moving Domain, Rihui Lan and Pengtao Sun

A Novel Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian Finite Element Method for a Parabolic/Mixed Parabolic Moving Interface Problem, Rihui Lan and Pengtao Sun


Two New Finite Element Schemes and Their Analysis for Modeling of Wave Propagation in Graphene, Jichun Li


Recent Advances in Computational Mathematics and Applications, Eric Machorro, Jichun Li, Monika Neda, Pengtao Sun, and Hongtao Yang

Closed-Form Analytical Solutions for Options on Agricultural Futures With Seasonality and Stochastic Convenience Yield, Zonggang Ma, Chaoqun Ma, and Zhijian Wu

An Enhanced Finite Difference Time Domain Method for Two Dimensional Maxwell's Equations, Timothy Meagher, Bin Jiang, and Peng Jiang

Students’ Multidimensional Profiles of Math Engagement: Predictors and Outcomes From a Self‐System Motivational Perspective, Chyna J. Miller, Harsha Perera, and Alireza Maghsoudlou

A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Stolz–Adams Approximate Deconvolution Model for Turbulent Flows, Monika Neda and Béatrice Rivière

Acoustic Wave Propagation in Saturated Cracked Porous Media Under Compression, Viktoria L. Savatorova and Aleksei V. Talonov


Interplay of tRNA-Derived Fragments and T Cell Activation in Breast Cancer Patient Survival, Nayang Shan, Ningshan Li, Qile Dai, Lin Hou, Xiting Yan, Amei Amei, Lingeng Lu, and Zuoheng Wang

On Algorithms for Computing the Sums of Powers of Arithmetic Progressions, Peter J. Shiue, Shen C. Huang, and Eric Jameson

Monolithic Arbitrary Lagrangian - Eulerian Finite Element Method for a Multi-domain Blood Flow - Aortic Wall Interaction Problem, Pengtao Sun, Chen-Song Zhang, Rihui Lan, and Lin Li

An Interface-Unfitted Conforming Enriched Finite Element Method for Stokes-Elliptic Interface Problems with Jump Coefficients, Hua Wang, Jinru Chen, Pengtao Sun, and Rihui Lan

Analysis and Application of Single Level, Multi-Level Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Finite Element Methods for Time-Dependent Maxwell's Equations with Random Inputs, Xiang Wang, Jichun Li, and Zhiwei Fang

Time-Domain Finite Element Method and Analysis for Modeling of Surface Plasmon Polaritons, Wei Yang, Jichum Li, and Yunqing Huang

Optimal Investment-Reinsurance Policy with Regime Switching and Value-At-Risk Constraint, Ming Yan, Hongtao Yang, Lei Zhang, and Shuhua Zhang

Pharmacokinetics of CamSA, a Potential Prophylactic Compound Against Clostridioides Difficile Infections, Christopher Yip, Naomi C. Okada, Amber Howerton, Amei Amei, and Ernesto Abel-Santos


Towards a Novel Generalized Chinese Remainder Algorithm for Extended Rabin Cryptosystem, Justin Zhan, Peter J. Shiue, Shen C. Huang, and Benjamin J. Lowe

Submissions from 2019

Existence of Solution for a Class of Quasilinear Schrödinger Equation in ℝN with Zero-Mass, Claudianor O. Alves, David G. Costa, and Olímpio H. Miyagaki

Inference of Genetic Forces Using a Poisson Random Field Model with Non-Constant Population Size, Amei Amei and Jianbo Xu


Inferring the Distribution of Selective Effects from a Time Inhomogeneous Model, Amei Amei and Shilei Zhour

Apollonian Packings in Seven and Eight Dimensions, Arthur Baragar

Divisibility of Generalized Catalan Numbers and Raney Numbers, Jacob Bobrowski, Tianxiao He, and Peter Jau Shyong Shiue

Invariance of Critical Points Under Kelvin Transform and Multiple Solutions in Exterior Domains of R2, Siegfried Carl, David G. Costa, Morteza Fotouhi, and Hossein Tehrani

Rainbow Mean Colorings of Graphs, Gary Chartrand, James Hallas, Ebrahim Salehi, and Ping Zing


Comparison Principle for Stochastic Heat Equation on Rd, Le Chen and Jingyu Huang

Nonlinear Stochastic Time-Fractional Slow and Fast Diffusion Equations on Rd, Le Chen, Yaozhong Hu, and David Nualart

Nonlinear Stochastic Heat Equation Driven by Spatially Colored Noise: Moments and Intermittency, Le Chen and Kunwoo Kim

Two-Stage Procedure for the Risk Ratio of two Binomials, Hokwon Cho

Two-Stage Procedure of Fixed-Width Confidence Intervals for the Risk Ratio, Hokwon Cho

On Fixed-Width Confidence Limits for the Risk Ratio with Sequential Sampling, Hokwon Cho and Zhou Wang

A Note on Breaking of Symmetry for a Class of Variational Problems, David G. Costa and Zhiwei Fang

Impact of Seasonality and Rainfall on Tea Production in Sri Lanka, Rohan J. Dalpatadu, Kasun S. Kodikara, and Ashok K. Singh

Efficient Stochastic Galerkin Methods for Maxwell’s Equations with Random Inputs, Zhiwei Fang, Jichun Li, Tao Tang, and Tao Zhou

Numerical Analysis for the Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw System with Variable Mobility and Logarithmic Flory-Huggins Potential, Yayu Guo, Hongen Jia, Jichun Li, and Ming Li

Generalizations of the Arithmetic Case of Blackwell's Renewal Theorem, Petros Hadjicosta

On the Applications of the Linear Recurrence Relationships to Pseudoprimes, Tian-Xiao He and Peter Shiue

Multiple Periodic Solutions for Suspension Bridge Systems, Chen Huang, Gao Jia, and Zhonghai Ding

Development and Analysis of Both Finite Element and Fourth-Order in Space Finite Difference Methods for an Equivalent Berenger's PML Model, Yunqing Huang, Min Chen, and Jichun Li

Continuous Mixed Finite Element for the Second Order Elliptic Equation with a Low Order Term, Yunqing Huang, Jichun Li, and Shangyou Zhang

Simulating Backward Wave Propagation in Metamaterial with Radial Basis Functions, Jichun Li and Bing Nan

Developing finite element methods for simulating transformation optics devices with metamaterials, Jichun Li, Wei Yang, Yungqing Huang, and Bin He


Distributed Lagrange Multiplier/Fictitious Domain Finite Element Method for a Transient Stokes Interface Problem with Jump Coefficients, Andrew Lundberg, Pengtao Sun, Cheng Wang, and Chen-song Zhang

On the Likelihood of Symmetrical Cayley Maps for Certain Abelian Groups, Michelle Robinette

Mathematical Modeling of Gas Transport in Porous Geological Media with Contrast of Properties and Irregular Distribution of Pores, Viktoria Savatorova and Aleksei Talonov

Capturing Heterogeneity of Covariate Effects in Hidden Subpopulations in the Presence of Censoring and Large Number of Covariates, Farhad Shokoohi, Abbas Khalili, Masoud Asgharian, and Shili Lin

Distributed Lagrange Multiplier/Fictitious Domain Finite Element Method for Stokes/Parabolic Interface Problems With Jump Coefficients, Pengtao Sun and Cheng Wang

Effects of Numerical Intergration on DLM/FD Method for Solving Interface Problems with Body-Unfitted Meshes, Cheng Wang, D. Nicholas McLetchie, Sarah M. Eppley, and Lloyd R. Stark


Myopic Versus Farsighted Behaviors in a Low-Carbon Supply Chain with Reference Emission Effects, Jun Wang, Xianxue Cheng, Xinyu Wang, Hongtao Yang, and Shuhua Zhang

Minimizing Total Carbon Emissions in an Integrated Machine Scheduling and Vehicle Routing Problem, Jun Wang, Song Yao, Jiachuan Sheng, and Hongtao Yang

Retrospective Association Analysis of Longitudinal Binary Traits Identifies Important Loci and Pathways in Cocaine Use, Weimiao Wu, Zhong Wang, Ke Xu, Xinyu Zhang, Amei Amei, Joel Gelernter, Hongyu Zhao, Amy C. Justice, and Zuoheng Wang


A Simplified Crossing Fiber Model in Diffusion Weighted Imaging, Sheng Yang, Kaushik Ghosh, Ken Sakaie, Satya S. Sahoo, Sarah J. Ann Carr, and Curtis Tatsuoka

Collaboration in a Low-Carbon Supply Chain With Reference Emission and Cost Learning Effects: Cost Sharing Versus Revenue Sharing Strategies, Baoqin Yu, Jun Wang, Xinman Lu, and Hongtao Yang

Collaboration in a Low-Carbon Supply Chain with Reference Emission and Cost Learning effects: Cost Sharing Versus Revenue Sharing Strategies, Baoqin Yu, Jun Wang, Xinman Lu, and Hongtao Yang

Solitary Waves for One-Dimensional Nematicon Equations, Guoqing Zhang, Ningning Song, and Zhonghai Ding

Submissions from 2018

On a Temporal Investigation of Hurricane Strength and Frequency, Moinak Bhaduri and Chih-Hsiang Ho

A Sensitivity Study of the Navier-Stokes-alpha Model, Sean Breckling, Monika Neda, and Fran Pahlevani

Extremal Solutions of Logistic-Type Equations in Exterior Domain in R2, Siegfried Carl, David G. Costa, and Hossein Tehrani


Selection of Transformations of Continuous Predictors in Logistic Regression, Michael Chang, Rohan J. Dalpatadu, and Ashok K. Singh

On the Primality of the Generalized Fuss-Catalan Numbers, Wun-Seng Chou, Tian-Xiao He, and Peter J. S. Shiue


A Linearized Local Conservative Mixed Finite Element Method for Poisson–Nernst–Planck Equations, Huadong Gao and Pengtao Sun

Correction to: A Linearized Local Conservative Mixed Finite Element Method for Poisson–Nernst–Planck Equations, Huadong Gao and Pengtao Sun


On Cyclic Strings Avoiding a Pattern, Petros Hadjicostas and Lingyun Zhang


Mixed Finite Element Analysis for the Poisson-Nerst-Planck/Stokes Coupling, Mingyan He and Pengtao Sun


Numerical Analysis of a Leapfrog ADI–FDTD Method for Maxwell's Equations in Lossy Media, Yunqing Huang, Meng Chen, Jichun Li, and Yanping Lin

A New FDTD Scheme for Maxwell’s Equations in Kerr-type Nonlinear Media, Hongen Jia, Jichun Li, Zhiwei Fang, and Ming Li

Decoupled Characteristic Stabilized Finite Element Method for Time‐dependent Navier–Stokes/Darcy Model, Xiaofeng Jia, Jichun Li, and Hongen Jia

Numerical Simulation of an Immersed Rotating Structure in Fluid for Hemodynamic Applications, Wei Lang, Chen-Song Zhang, Pengtao Sun, Bin Gao, and Jinchao Xu


Developing and Analyzing Fourth-order Difference Methods for the Metamaterial Maxwell's Equations, Jichun Li, Meng Chen, and Min Chen

Analysis and Application of Stochastic Collocation Methods for Maxwell’s Equations with Random Inputs, Jichun Li and Zhiwei Fang


Regularity Analysis of Metamaterial Maxwell's Equations with Random Coefficients and Initial Conditions, Jichun Li, Zhiwei Fang, and Guang Lin

Improved Analysis and Simulation of a Time-Domain Carpet Cloak Model, Jichun Li, Chen Meng, and Yunqing Huang


A Weak Galerkin Least-squares Finite Element Method for Div-curl Systems, Jichun Li, Xiu Ye, and Shangyou Zhang

Improved Analysis And Simulation Of A Time-domain Carpet Cloak Model, J Li, C Meng, and Y Huang


Probabilistic Interpretation of Solutions of Linear Ultraparabolic Equations, Michael D. Marcozzi

Experimental Study of Bio-Polymer Knee Implant, Maria Ramos Gonzalez, Brendan OToole, and Zhiyong Wang


Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Maxwell's Equations in Drude Metamaterials on Unstructured Meshes, Cengke Shi, Jichun Li, and Chi-Wang Shu