Ronald E. McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute; Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach

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Summer 8-31-2019


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Las Vegas (Nev.)


This project is intended to use Black Feminist Health Studies as an interdisciplinary approach to analyze the holisitc impacts of community gardens on nutrition behaviors. The implementation of green spaces such as community gardens have been correlated to both benefits and unintended consequences which this study demonstrates through the Socio-Ecological Wellness Wheel. An empirical and systematic way of measuring garden quality through an audit tool using Black Feminist Health Studies could help measure the nutrition environment of the community gardens and how they may influence fruit and vegetable consumption of food insecure populations. The need for this study is highlighted by how interdisciplinary approaches using Black Feminist Health Studies benefit vulnerable populations by interrogating the parts of the body, the environment, and society which may be excluded from discourse regarding health outcomes and public health interventions.


Green gentrification; Black Feminism; Black Feminist health studies; Community gardens; Food security; Food insecurity; Health outcomes; Social determinants; Public health ecology; Fruit and vegetable consumption; Built environment audit tool; Green spaces; Nutrition; Socioecological wellness wheel; Health theory; Class conflict; Environmentalism; Aboriginal Model of Health; Wellness Wheel; Architecture; High desert climate; Displacement; Environmental refugee; Residential apartheid; Social inequities; Sociodemographic variables; Poverty studies; Food environment; Natural environment; Behavioral public health; Environmental and occupational public health


Environmental Health | Environmental Public Health | Public Health | Women's Health

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