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University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach


Studies have shown that active transport is known to increase physical activity of children, decrease traffic congestion and the production of greenhouse gasses. This study examines active transport to school (ATS) [walking, biking, or other self-powered wheels to school] among elementary students. Through the Nevada Moves Day program an increase proportion of elementary students who use ATS was expected.

This study was done at two elementary schools, one being the intervention school that participated in the Nevada Moves Day, and a control school, which did not participate. Data was collected over a three week period. Students using active transport and the number of motor vehicles were counted before the intervention day, the intervention day, and one week post intervention. The number of students who used ATS increased on intervention day, but the ATS rates dropped to baseline levels the next week. To increase ATS rates for the long term, interventions will likely need to be more comprehensive than a one day program promotions.


Cycling for children; Elementary schools; Exercise for children; School children – Transportation; Walking


Community-Based Research | Education | Exercise Science | Public Health Education and Promotion | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration | Transportation | Urban Studies




Mentor: Timothy Bungum