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University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach


This study explores the attitudes of college-level criminal justice students as to their perception of sexualized advertising in Las Vegas, and if these attitudes have any correlation with the participant’s length of residency. The study also correlates college-level student’s attitudes toward sexualized advertising and how religious they rate themselves. Female participants who lived in Las Vegas for 5 years or more on average agreed advertisements in Las Vegas are too sexualized. In contrast, female participants who were either born in Las Vegas or lived there less than 5 years neither agreed nor disagreed that advertising was too sexualized. As for the males, only those who lived in Las Vegas for 5 to 9 years on average agreed that advertisements in Las Vegas are too sexualized. Those participants who considered themselves very religious on average agreed that advertising in Las Vegas were too sexualized.


Advertising; College students; College students--Attitudes; College students--Religion; Men; Sex in advertising; Sex role in advertising; Women


Advertising and Promotion Management | Criminology and Criminal Justice | Gender and Sexuality | Religion | Sociology