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University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach


The amount of physiological-neurological research performed over the past few years has dramatically increased due to our ability to view the structure and function of the brain in living human beings. The use of imaging tools has resulted in huge strides forward in unlocking some of the mysteries of the 3 pound universe-the human brain. One of the more unique neural processes being recently addressed is the affect of belief and spiritualism-the sense of being connected to something larger than oneself-on the human brain. This study hypothesized that better memory will be documented among the experimental group who report being spiritual and engage in prayer. These findings have very important implications regarding the potential of prayer to improve memory function in individuals of different ages and perhaps with differing brain function

The materials used for this study included 3 scales (the Emotional Verbel Leaning Test, Underwood's Daily Spiritual Experience Scale, and the Beck Depression Inventory- II) and I demographic questionaire. At this time, the study is still ongoing.


Biological psychiatry; Brain — Localization of functions; Memory; Spiritual life


Medical Neurobiology | Neurology | Neurosciences | Other Medical Sciences




Mentor: Janice Murray