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Las Vegas (Nev.)


Global DNA Methylation (GDM), an epigenomic modification has been linked to the development of Cardiovascular Disease and its risk factors. The research focus is to identify the relationship between cardiovascular fitness measurements and epigen­etic alterations specific to chronic disease states in adult subjects. Twenty-six adult human subjects were required to complete a physical activity and diet questionnaire. Each individual donated a small blood sample (600 μL) in order for us to analyze the Global DNA Methylation (GMD). Then, their body composition was evaluated by us­ing the Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA Scan) machinery. The Pearson’s “r” value was used to reveal the correlation between GDM and various variables, while t-tests were used to assess if any differences exists between high and low value groups for each variable. The Body Mass Index was significantly correlated (p-value, r value; 0.031, -.556) with GDM in females only. Individuals with high folate intake had sig­nificantly greater GDM than the low folate group (high= 3.1+-1.2%, low=2.3+-0.7, p=0.034) as determined by the diet questionnaire. No significant correlations or dif­ferences were found in males. The results conclude that as BMI increases, GDM de­creases in females. In attempts to further investigate the relationships between GDM and these variables, auxiliary research needs to be conducted with larger subject pools containing additional sedentary participants.


Cardiovascular fitness; Cardiovascular system--Diseases; DNA


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