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University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach

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Las Vegas (Nev.)


The purpose of this study is to examine if death rates due to crime or unemployment drove immigrants from El Salvador to migrate to Las Vegas between the years of 2000 to 2010. This study will be most directly based on the research conducted in the study Unauthorized Immigrant Population: National and State Trends, 2010, conducted by the Pew Research Center. Pew Research Center’s study focuses on finding an estimation on the number of undocumented immigrants that have entered the United States, the number of immigrants that are in the United States workforce, and the trends regarding what states and what cities immigrants are deciding to reside.

The importance of my research proposal is that immigration as a topic tends to be biased based on the political climate. Research should be unbiased and should allow a platform where all of the facts surrounding a particular topic can be found. This will allow a deeper discussion surrounding the topic of Salvadoran immigrants in Las Vegas, Nevada, instead of discussing whether immigration is right or wrong based upon an individual’s moral reasoning. It is crucial that we focus on facts and that researchers are committed to unbiased research for the betterment of understanding the necessity of immigration policy reform. Through my research, I hypothesize that there will be a direct correlation to the number of immigrants in Las Vegas from El Salvador due to high unemployment and high homicide rates.


Immigration; El Salvador; Las Vegas; NV


Political Science

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