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Bullying and aggressive behaviors have adverse effects on many children. Violent behavior among children occurs most commonly in the school setting and may lead to negative emotional outcomes later in life (Kub & Feldman, 2015). According to a study conducted by Baroncelli et al. (2014), boys who have been found to be high in aggression have a difficult time perceiving relevant social cues such as fear and anger. However, boys were prone to frequently identify happiness and fear in faces when a different emotion was expressed. For girls, Baroncelli and colleagues did not find any significant relationships. The purpose of this paper was to conceptually replicate the research of Baroncelli et al. (2014), which was originally done in Italy. For my study, I plan on using children in the United States to determine if the ability to perceive emotion predicts aggression. Participants will be recruited from Hyde Park Middle School in Las Vegas, Nevada and will consist of approximately 1,100 male and female students. The Aggression Scale (Orpinas & Frankowski, 2001) and the Diagnostic Analysis of Nonverbal Accuracy –2 (DANVA2; Nowicki, 2013; Nowicki & Duke, 1994) will be completed online and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. In order to determine if there is a relationship between aggression and emotion perception, I will calculate the correlation between the DANVA and the Aggression Scale.


Bullying; Emotion Perception


Child Psychology

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