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Our interests:The current investigation studied the effect of maltreatment type and chronicity of trauma on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in a sample of school-aged children aged 6-18 years old. Why we’re interested:PTSD has been associated with serious developmental deficits in children that can lead to struggles with mental health and other adverse outcomes in adulthood (Dunn et al., 2017; Milot et al., 2010; Giaconia R. M. et al., 1995; Gwadz, Nish, Leonard, & Strauss, 2007). The current literature: • Children with exposure to child maltreatment traumas are at a significantly higher risk of developing PTSD than those with other trauma experiences(APA, 2013; Dvir, Ford, Hill, & Frazier, 2014; Milot, Thier, St-Laurent, & Provost, 2010). • Due to the interpersonal and chronic nature of maltreatment traumas, these children are also more likely to present with a significantly higher number of PTSD symptoms (Graham et al., 2010). Gaps in the literature: • The literature does not fully address either the effects of frequency of abuse nor maltreatment type with regard to PTSD in children. Chronicity of traumas on a broad spectrum has found greater PTSD symptoms in children, but the literature fails to adequately address maltreatment –a subset of traumas that significantly effects PTSD symptoms in children and their developmental outcomes. • Child maltreatment as a whole has been recognized to significantly effect PTSD outcomes; however, maltreatment type is relatively understudied. Aim of current investigation:The present study attempted to bridge these gaps in the literature by evaluating the effects of frequency and trauma type on PTSD symptoms among a sample of maltreated children in order to better identify the factors that create worse PTSD outcomes in maltreated children.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Child maltreatment; Maltreatment type and chronicity of trauma


Medicine and Health Sciences | Psychiatry and Psychology

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