Ronald E. McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute; Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach

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Fall 9-21-2018


University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach

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Las Vegas (Nev.)


Numerous stakeholders in Nevada have used a variety of efforts to combat the growth of food insecurity facing Nevadans. The purpose of this research project is to understand the association between food insecurity, community gardens, and property value. Following the wealth of scholarship on these topics and data collected from community garden agencies in Southern Nevada, the research questions for this project include: (1) Where are community gardens located in SNV? (2) What efforts community gardens agencies are doing to address food insecurity (most interested in their efforts using community gardens)? (3) What are the perceptions of supports and barriers to using gardening as a tool to address food insecurity? (4) If any, were there any changes in housing values after the implementation of community gardens (using existing, publicly available data sets)? (5) What are community gardens perceptions on changes in property values after the implementation of community gardens? After conducting interviews with key community garden stakeholders in Southern Nevada. The results of this study will be beneficial to understanding how at-risk communities can address food insecurity and build community involvement, while avoiding displacement from green gentrification.


Food security; Food insecurity; Food justice; Food sovereignty; Food availability; Food access; Poverty; Socio-ecological model of health; Food desert; Greenlining; Food gentrification; Food policy council; Alternative food networks; Lulu; Gentrification; Green gentrification; Community gardening; High desert; Beautification; Healthy environments; Food retail; Residential apartheid; Environmental refugee; Property value; Culture; Environmental justice; Social justice; Urban greening; Urban farming; Grassroots; Urban planning; Natural resources


Agricultural and Resource Economics | Agricultural Economics | Agriculture | Demography, Population, and Ecology | Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Environmental Public Health | Environmental Studies | Food Security | Food Studies | Human and Clinical Nutrition | Human Ecology | Inequality and Stratification | Mental and Social Health | Nutrition | Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases | Nutritional Epidemiology | Other Ecology and Evolutionary Biology | Other Food Science | Place and Environment | Plant Sciences | Race and Ethnicity | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Urban Studies and Planning

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