Effect of Soft Honeycomb Core on Flexural Vibration of Sandwich Panel using Low Order and High Order Shear Deformation Models

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Low order and high order shear deformation models are applied to investigate the effect of honeycomb core (transversely shear deformable) on flexural vibration of thick rectangular sandwich panel with isotropic facesheets. Strain and kinetic energy of sandwich panel are expressed in terms of material properties and structural parameters. Partial differential equations are derived based upon a variational principle. Solutions in Navier form are obtained for a simply supported rectangular panel. The effect of honeycomb core parameters, such as characteristic angle, cell wall thickness, and cell size is studied. Comparison between low order model, high order model, and finite element method is provided. It is shown that in most cases results from a high order model without facesheet shear effect are close to those from finite element analysis.


Deformations (Mechanics); Flexural vibration; High order shear deformation model; Honeycomb core; Honeycomb structures; Low order shear deformation model; Sandwich construction; Sandwich panel; Shear (Mechanics); Vibration


Engineering | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Mechanics of Materials


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