Effects of Processing Temperature on ReCrete Polyurethane Foam

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Research is conducted to determine the effect of processing temperature on some of the physical and mechanical properties of a polyurethane foam called ReCrete. The polyurethane foaming process is manipulated to change the foam's density, chemistry, and mechanical properties. There is a 30-min period after ReCrete components are mixed when the materials are still undergoing significant chemical reaction. Researchers manipulate these chemical reactions by changing the environmental temperature during this process. This study investigates the effect of processing temperature on the chemistry and the resulting mechanical properties for a polyurethane foam system molded in aluminum cylinders and boxes. Processing temperature is varied from 25°C to 85°C. Researchers show that the processing temperature has a significant effect on ReCrete chemistry and density. The average density decreases by 19% over this temperature range. The chemistry, in turn, affects the static and dynamic mechanical properties. The axial compressive modulus and strength decrease by 24 and 16%, respectively. The chemistry changes that results from higher processing temperatures produce foam that is less rigid in compression, but tougher and more flexible. The dynamic flexural failure strength increases by 38% when the processing temperature is increased from 25°C to 85°C. Foam processed at 85°C has significantly greater resistance to brittle failure under impact.


Compression; Foamed materials – Mechanical properties; Foamed materials – Properties; Impact resistance; Manufacturing processes; Mechanical; Polyurethanes – Mechanical properties; Polyurethanes – Properties; Properties; Toughness


Engineering | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Mechanics of Materials | Polymer and Organic Materials


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