Aquatic Robotic Propulsor Using Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Artificial Muscle

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In this investigation, ionic polymer metal composites (IPMC) are considered for use as a means of aquatic propulsion. A simple propulsor is constructed to show capabilities of using an IPMC actuator. The thrust produced by the propulsor was recorded and reported showing suitable thrust for small applications. IPMC were then compared with competing electro-active polymers in a theoretical propulsor study showing that IPMC are quite competitive with similar actuator materials. An equivalent circuit to model the force behavior of an IPMC can be used to explain force behavior for various geometric configurations of IPMC leading the way for design and use of IPMC aquatic propulsors.


Actuators; Composite materials; Intelligent actuators; Marine systems; Metal-filled plastics; Mobile robots; Polymers propulsion; Remote submersibles; Underwater propulsion


Engineering | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Robotics


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