Computer Simulation of a Three-Link Hydraulically Actuated Robotic Arm

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PUB. IN PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS FOR WORLD CONFERENCE ON ROBOTICS 1988, P2- 41-2-55 1989. In the design of a robotic arm, computer simulations are valuable for providing a visual verification of the accuracy of dynamic models, for choosing components of the arm, and in the planning of trajectories to prevent collisions. Simulations software has been prepared that calculates the forces and moments in a hydraulically driven robotic arm on an IBM-PC. An extension of this software has been written for a graphics workstation of this software has been written for a graphics workstation that allows a three-dimensional wire frame image of a three-link robot arm to be manipulated in real time on the computer screen through the use of a hardware graphics processor.


Computer simulation; Hydraulic couplings; Hydraulic machinery; Mechanical movements; Robotics; Robots; Industrial


Hydraulic Engineering | Robotics


1989 World Conference on Robotics Research: The Next Five Years and Beyond, May 7-11, 1989, Gaithersburg, Maryland.


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