Re-living Las Vegas: A Multi-User, Mixed Reality Edutainment Environment Based on the Enhancement of Original Archival Materials

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The article describes Re-Living Las Vegas, a project focused on the underrated, and often untold, history of Las Vegas and three of its casinos, Sands, Riviera and Stardust, between 1955 and 1965, the so-called golden music age of the city. The purpose of the project is to create a media-scalable system that can make historical archival materials free to be seen, touched, heard, manipulated, transported and even personalized by visitors, through the most cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technologies. For this reason, technologies was narrative-driven, serving as a transparent and user-friendly help to let visitors experience history while edutaining themselves. Furthermore, we show how the specific case study can be used to create a framework where the same container, the technology, can be easily reused and adapted to different contents, the enhanced archives, and for different uses, like entertainment, education or cultural.


Archival materials; Augmented reality; Component; Enhanced archives; Mixed reality; Nevada – Las Vegas; Virtual museum exhibits; Virtual reality


Archival Science | Computer Engineering | Software Engineering


Conference held: Hong Kong, 11-13 May 2009


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