Micro Removal of Ceramic Material (Al2o3) in the Precision Ultrasonic Machining

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Ultrasonic machining process is an efficient and economical means of precision machining of ceramic materials. However, the mechanics of the process with respect to crack initiation and propagation, and stress development in the ceramic workpiece subsurface are still not well understood. This article presents experimental simulation of the process mechanics in an attempt to analyze the material removal mechanism in machining of ceramic (Al2O3). It is found that low-impact force causes only structural disintegration and particle dislocation. The high-impact force contributes to cone cracks and subsequent crater damage.


Aluminum oxide; Ceramic material (Al2O3); Ceramic materials – Cracking; Ceramic materials – Machining; Ultrasonic cutting; Ultrasonic machining


Ceramic Materials | Manufacturing | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Mechanics of Materials


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