A Distributed Fuzzy Logic Controller for an Autonomous Vehicle

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Journal of Robotic Systems





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Autonomous vehicles can be used in a variety of applications such as hazardous environments or intelligent highway systems. Fuzzy logic is an appropriate choice for this application as it can describe human behavior well. This paper proposes two fuzzy logic controllers for the steering and the velocity control of an autonomous vehicle. The two controllers are divided into separate modules to mimic the way humans think while driving. The steering controller is divided into four modules; one module drives the vehicle toward the target while another module avoids collision with obstacles. A third module drives the vehicle through mazes. The fourth module adjusts the final orientation of the target. The velocity controller is divided into three modules; the first module speeds up the vehicle to reach the target and slows it down as it moves toward the target. The second module controls the velocity in the neighborhood of obstacles. A third module controls the velocity of the vehicle as it turns sharp corners. A method for automatic tuning of the first module of the velocity controller is proposed to stabilize the velocity of the vehicle as it approaches the target. Two examples to demonstrate the interaction among the seven control modules are included. Results of the simulation are compared with those in the literature.


Automobiles — Automatic control; Fuzzy logic; Motor vehicle driving — Steering; Motor vehicles — Speed


Acoustics, Dynamics, and Controls | Applied Mathematics | Computer-Aided Engineering and Design | Controls and Control Theory | Control Theory | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Robotics




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Hodge, N. E., Shi, L. Z. and Trabia, M. B. (2004), A distributed fuzzy logic controller for an autonomous vehicle. J. Robotic Syst., 21: 499–516. doi: 10.1002/rob.20032

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