Limit Cycle Oscillation and Domain of Stability in Prototypical Wing Sections with Unsteady Aerodynamics

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The paper treats the question of the existence of limit cycle oscillations and domain of stability (attraction) of prototypical aeroelastic wing section with pitch structural nonlinearity using the describing function method. The model includes unsteady aerodynamics used for the limit cycle analysis. Analytical expression for the computation of the age value and the amplitude and frequent of oscillation of pitch and plunge responses are obtained. Interestingly, it is found that flutter can exist not only when the origins in the state space is unstable but also when it is asymptotically stable surrounding the origin in the state space us computed in which flutter cannot exist. The Nyquist criterion is used to establish the stability of the limit cycle and it is shown that unstable as well as the stable limit cycles exist when the origin is exponentially stable. Numerical results are presented for a set of values of the flow velocities and the locations of the elastic axis which show that the predicted limited cycle oscillation amplitude and frequency as well as the mean values are quite close to the actual values.


Airplanes – Wings; Oscillations; Stability; Unsteady flow (Aerodynamics)


Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics | Aerospace Engineering | Mechanical Engineering




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