Simulation and Analysis for Melt Casting a Metallic Fuel Pin Incorporating Volatile Actinides

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The filling and solidification process for melt casting a metallic fuel pin is considered. The problem was analyzed numerically using the commercial finite element software package FIDAP (Fluent, Inc.). Numerical simulations are performed to study process parameters that could impact the solidification of the melt within the mold. A Metallic Fuel Pin mold is a long, thin, straw-like pipe, which has a cylindrical shape. The fluid is a high-temperature melt mixture of Am, Pu, and Zr. which is considered as an incompressible Newtonian fluid. Filling velocities and filling pressures are varied to study what impact these parameters might have on flow and solidification within the melt.


Casting; Founding; Fuels; Manufacturing processes; Mathematical models; Nuclear fuels; Production engineering; Simulation


Manufacturing | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy


From: ASME 2003 International Mechanical Engineering, Washington, DC, USA, November 15–21, 2003


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