Integral Neutron Multiplicity Measurements from Cosmic Rays Interactions in Lead

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Sixty element 3He neutron multiplicity detector systems were designed, constructed and tested for use in cosmic ray experiments with a 30‐cm cube lead target. A series of measurements were performed for the cosmic ray configuration at ground level (3 meters water equivalent, mwe), in the St. Petersburg metro tunnel (185 mwe), and in the Pyhasalmi mine in Finland (583 and 1185 mwe). Anomalous coincidence events with charged cosmic ray particles at sea level produced events with 100–120 neutrons due possibly to the total disintegration of the Pb nucleus. These events were also detected at 185 mwe, but the particles causing such disintegration are currently unidentified. We present examples of preliminary data from the various measurements and discuss future plans for underground experiments including possible searches for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMP, dark matter)


Cosmic rays; Cosmic ray interactions; Dark matter (Astronomy); Experimental design; Lead; Helium-3; Helium – Isotopes; Mining; Neutrons; Sea level; Weak interactions


Astrophysics and Astronomy | Mechanical Engineering


Conference date: 23-30 October 2005, Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)


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