An Examination of Natural Convection Within a Spherical Enclosure Using HP-Adaptive FEM

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Numerical results are presented for natural convection within a spherical enclosure using an hp-adaptive finite element technique. The time dependent laminar 3-D equations of motion and energy for an incompressible fluid are solved. The hp-adaptive model is based on both mesh refinement and increasing spectral order to produce enhanced accuracy while attempting to minimize computational cost. The 3-D hp-adaptive FEM code is first benchmarked by solving the natural convection heat transfer problem in a deferentially heated cavity. Results are in good agreement with the literature. Natural convection is simulated within a sphere heated from below and cooled from above. Four recirculation cells initially develop during the early phase of the transient solution.


Fluid dynamics; Heat – Convection; Natural; Heat – Transmission; Laminar flow; Mathematical models; Numerical analysis


Fluid Dynamics | Heat Transfer, Combustion | Mechanical Engineering | Numerical Analysis and Computation


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