Corrosion Resistance of Type 304 Stainless Steel with Galvanic Aluminized Coatings

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This study focuses on improvements of corrosions resistance in type 304 stainless steel (SS) (UNS S30400) by galvanic aluminized coatings. Diffusion and thermal spray processes were used to apply the coatings. Electrochemical and conventionnal test techniques were used to study the aluminized SS in synthetic acidic seawater at ambient temperature. Aluminized coatings provided immunity to localized corrosion by pitting and crevice corrosion, corrosion fatigue, and stress corrosion cracking.


Aluminium; Aluminum coating; Aluminizing; Austenitic stainless steel; Austenitic stainless steel – Corrosion fatigue; Austenitic stainless steel – Corrosion – Prevention; Corrosion protection; Corrosion resistance; Diffusion; Hot spraying; Metal coating; Sea water corrosion; Stainless steel-304; Stress corrosion; Stress corrosion cracking; Surface treatment


Mechanical Engineering | Mechanics of Materials | Metallurgy | Ocean Engineering


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