Remote Controlled Mobile Imaging in a High Temperature Tunnel Environment

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Proceedings of the 1999 20th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS'99)


Real-Time Systems Symposium

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A custom remote controlled vehicle was developed and tested for imaging data acquisition in high-temperature environments (up to 300°C.) Through a wireless remote control system, an operator can position the cameras to visually inspect and measure temperature distributions on any surface area of a 50 meter long underground tunnel. Feedback to the operator is provided through three wireless video channels, whose images are displayed live on the console. Alternatively, an automatically running program can record optical and thermal images over the entire tunnel. The imaging apparatus consists of a remote section equipped with cameras, pan unit and wireless communication units, all of which must operate in an environment with temperatures up to 300°C for the duration of the image acquisition period (approximately 1.0 hours). The remote unit is controlled from a computer system located outside the high-temperature zone. Application software with a graphical user interface (GUI) was developed for real time remote control and for the monitoring of the measurement and observation process.


Automatic control; Cameras; Control systems; Data acquisition; Graphical user interfaces; Imaging systems; Optical feedback; Optical imaging; Real-time control; Remote control; Remotely operated vehicles; System testing; Temperature control; Vehicles; Remotely piloted


Acoustics, Dynamics, and Controls | Computer Engineering | Control Theory | Mechanical Engineering | Robotics




Conference held: Phoenix, AZ, 01 Dec 1999-03 Dec 1999


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