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A transparent dielectric elastomer actuator driven by few-layer-graphene (FLG) electrode was experimentally investigated. The electrodes were made of graphene, which was dispersed inN-methyl-pyrrolidone. The transparent actuator was fabricated from developed FLG electrodes.The FLG electrode with its sheet resistance of 0.45 kΩ/sq (80 nm thick) was implemented to mask silicone elastomer. The developed FLG-driven actuator exhibited an optical transparency of over 57% at a wavenumber of 600 nm and produced bending displacement performance ranging from 29 to 946 μm as functions of frequency and voltage. The focus variation was clearly demonstrated under actuation to study its application-feasibility in variable focus lens and various opto-electro-mechanical devices.


Actuators; Dielectrics; Elastomers; Electrodes; Graphene; Lenses


Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


Copyright 2013 American Institute of Physics. Used with permission.

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