DD and DT neutron generator yield measurements using EJ-299-33A detector

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Conference Proceeding

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2015 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, NSS/MIC 2015


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


Neutron generators are widely used in security applications, industry, medicine, and research. The neutron-based methods require precise measurement of the neutron yield to normalize the measured data. To address this need, the technology of fast neutron flux monitoring was developed. The output of DD and DT neutron generators was characterized using the EJ-299-33A plastic scintillator. This detector enabled count rate measurements for fast neutrons and energy spectroscopy. Monoenergetic neutron responses were measured for this detector using the accelerator-based neutron source for energies between 0.1 MeV and 20.2 MeV with a gap between 8.2 MeV and 12.2 MeV. The T(p, n)3He, D(d, n)3He, and T(d, n)4He reactions were employed. Digital pulse shape discrimination was used to separate the neutron component of the measured responses. The experimental neutron responses were used in the spectral unfolding based on polynomial fitting. The unfolding technique was experimentally verified using DD and DT sources. © 2015 IEEE.



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