Trajectory control of flexible manipulator using macro-micro manipulator system

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The question of end-point trajectory control of flexible macro-micro manipulator based on variable structure control (VSC) and predictive control techniques is considered. A VSC law is derived for the end point trajectory control of the rigid micro manipulator. For the end-point control of the flexible macro manipulator, a predictive control law is derived. The predictive control law is obtained by minimizing a quadratic function of the tip tracking error of the flexible link (macro), the elastic deflection, and the input torque of the macro manipulator. The combination of the VSC and the predictive controllers accomplishes precise end-effector trajectory tracking and elastic mode stabilization. These results are applied to a planar macro-micro manipulator system consisting of one flexible link and two micro rigid links. Simulation results are presented to show that in the closed-loop system time varying end point trajectory control and elastic mode stabilization are accomplished.

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