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Journal of Materiomics


Magnesium oxysulfate (MOS) whisker is considered as a promising inorganic material recently attracting a great attention for being used as a reinforcing filler for polymer composites due to high aspect ratio and extremely-low bulk density. In this study, the MOS was treated with 3-methacryloyloxypropyl-trimethoxy silane (MPS) via sol-gel condensation reactions, which successfully allowed melt mixing with polypropylene (PP) up to 30 wt% of MOS. The tensile strength at yield and modulus of the MOS/PP composites were substantially increased by 50.8% and 362%, respectively, when compared with the pristine PP. As a novel finding, the flame retardancy of MOS was proved by identifying water evolution at elevated temperatures giving out 9 wt% of water in 250–320 °C and 14 wt% in 350–420 °C in two steps. This work demonstrated that the MOS could be an excellent filler for PP not only increasing the mechanical properties in a great extent but also imposing flame retarding capability.


Flame retardant; Magnesium oxysulfate; Mechanical properties; Surface modification


Chemical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering

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