Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mechanical Engineering Department faculty.


Submissions from 1993

Use of Adaptive Finite Elements for Compressible Flow, Kevin Burton and Darrell Pepper

Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection About Drift-Emplaced Waste Canisters, William G. Culbreth and P. Zielinski


Optimization of the Seating Position in a Human-Powered Vehicle, Y. Lei, Mohamed Trabia, and D. Too

General Papers in Heat Transfer: Natural and Forced Convection, Michael F. Modest

Heat Transfer in Vertical Concentric Cylinders in a High Level Nuclear Waste Repository, Samir F. Moujaes and Y. M. Lei

Object Oriented Relational Database for Assessing Radioactive Material Transport, Darrell W. Pepper and James A. Marino

Subsurface Transport of Radioactive Material Using Adaptive Finite Elements, Darrell W. Pepper and Dale E. Stephenson

Sliding Observer and Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulators Using Joint Position Feedback, Sahjendra N. Singh and Woosoon Yim

Planning near-minimum-length collision-free paths for robots, Mohamed Trabia

Continuous Force Model for Elastic-Plastic Impact of Solids, Mohamed B. Trabia

Cartesian Trajectory Control of a Flexible Manipulator Using Sliding Model, Woosoon Yim

Feedback Linearization of Differential-Algebraic Systems and Force and Position Control of Manipulators, Woosoon Yim and Sahjendra N. Singh

Inverse Force/End-Point Control, Zero Dynamics and Stabilization of Constrained Elastic Robots, Woosoon Yim and Sahjendra N. Singh

Experimental Two-Axis Vibration Suppression and Control of a Flexible Robot Arm, Woosoon Yim, Jichun Zuang, and Sahjendra N. Singh

Submissions from 1991

On-Line Determination of Available Torque in Internal Combustion Engines, Georg F. Mauer

Optimal Joint Trajectory Planning of a Single Link Elastic Robot, Mohamed B. Trabia and Woosoon Yim

Control of a Flexible Robotic Arm Using PD, Feedforward, and Linear Stabilizer, Woosoon Yim, Jichun Zuang, and Sahhjendra N. Singh

Submissions from 1983

Propeller Fan Dynamics .1. Static Vibration Test Procedure, Douglas D. Reynolds and T. N. Carnes