Faculty research from the Mechanical Engineering department.


Submissions from 2020

Unmanned Aerial System Integrated Sensor for Remote Gamma and Neutron Monitoring, Alexander Barzilov and Monia Kazemeini

Large Scale Solar Power, Hydrogen Development, and Building Applications, Robert F. Boehm

Thermoelectric Performance of N-Type Polycrystalline SnSe With Surface Depletion by Pressureless Sintering, Jongmin Byun, Hyeunhwan An, Jaeyoung Hong, Dong W. Chun, and Jaeyun Moon

Discrete Vortex Modeling of Inviscid Flow in Aerodynamic Flutter, Emma Chao and William G. Culbreth

Experimental Study on Heat Transfer Performance of Gallium Heat Sink, Yi-Tung Chen, Zirui Xu, Xinyi Li, Ziliang Zhu, Qiuwang Wang, and Ting Ma

Experimental Study on Small Scale Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger with Zigzag Channels, Wenxiao Chu, Xionghui Li, Yitung Chen, Qiuwang Wang, and Ting Ma

Numerical Study on Performance of a Pcm-Based Solar Thermoelectric Energy-Harvesting Device in Alpine Region, Fuqing Cui, Na Li, Peiqin Wu, Xing Lu, Yitung Chen, Qiuwang Wang, and Ting Ma

Solar Still Distillate Enhancement Techniques and Recent Developments, Dudul Das, Urbashi Bordoloi, Pankaj Kalita, Robert F. Boehm, and Akash Dilip Kamble

Towards Smart Classroom: Affordable and Simple Approach to Dynamic Projection Mapping for Education, Arkshay Dave, Mirue Kang, Jihyun Hwang, Mia Lorenzo, and Paul Oh

Exploring the Correlation Between Students Reported Self-Efficacy and Retention, Joseph Dygert, Melissa L. Morris, and Robin A.M. Hensel

Experimental Study on Laminar Flow Resistance Characteristics of Flat Tube and Microfinned Flat Tube, Guangming Fan, Luchao She, Jie Cheng, Zhongning Sun, and Yi-Tung Chen

The Future of Work: Towards Service Robot Control through Brain-Computer Interface, Leonardo Georgescu, Dylan Wallace, Daniel Kyong, Alex Chung, Kathy Chun, and Paul Oh

Understanding Student Retention in Engineering, Robin A. Hensel, Joseph Dygert, and Melissa Lynn Morris

Remote Sensing of Radiological Materials in a Wide Area Using Unmanned Aerial Systems, Monia Kazemeini, Alexander Barzilov, and Woosoon Yim

Theoretical Analysis of Filmwise Condensation in Inclined Tubes with Nondivergent and Irrotational Flow Components, Kaipo Kekaula and Yi-Tung Chen

MRT-lattice Boltzmann Simulation of High Schmidt and Low Prandtl Number Fluids with Heterogeneous Reaction on Surfaces, Emad Pouryazdanpanah Kermani and Yi-Tung Chen

Testing-and-Evaluation Platform for Haptics-Based Aerial Manipulation With Drones, Dongbin Kim and Paul Y. Oh

Testing-and-Evaluation Platform for Haptics-based Aerial Manipulation with Drones, Dongbin Kim and Paul Y. Oh

Implementing ROS Communications for Sensor Integration with the RB5 Collaborative Robot, Jason Kreitz, Moonyoung Lee, Hyun SubPark, Paul Y. Oh, and Jun Ho Oh

Influence of Particle Shape on Polarization Characteristics of Backscattering Light in Turbid Media, Ye Kuntao, Ji'e Musha, and Shengjie Zhai


Multidirectional Cylindrical Piezoelectric Force Sensor: Design and Experimental Validation, Ye Rim Lee, Justin Neubauer, Kwang Jin Kim, and Youngsu Cha

MCNP Simulation Study of the Dual Radiation Rotating Scattering Mask for Localization of Gamma and Neutron Sources, Devon Loomis, Ivan Novikov, and Alex Barzilov

Sulfur‐ and Nitrogen‐Rich Porous π‐Conjugated COFs as Stable Electrode Materials for Electro‐Ionic Soft Actuators, Manmatha Mahato, Rassoul Tabassian, Van Hiep Nguyen, Saewoong Oh, Sanghee Nam, Kwang Jin Kim, and Il-Kwon Oh

Prediction of Flow Maldistribution in Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger, Ting Ma, Pan Zhang, Haoning Shi, Yi-tung Chen, and Qiuwang Wang

Identification of the Mechanical Characteristics of 3D Printed Ninjaflex, Patrick Messimer, Brendan O’Toole, and Mohamed Trabia