Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Mechanical Engineering Department faculty.


Submissions from 2013

A Meshless Method for Modeling Convective Heat Transfer, Darrell W. Pepper, Xiuling Wang, and David B. Carrington

Scalable low nDOF hp-FEM model of IPMC actuation, David Pugal, Alvo Aabloob, and Kwang J. Kim

Design optimization of rod shaped IPMC actuator, S. A. Ruiz, Benjamin Mead, H. Yun, Woosoon Yim, and Kwang J. Kim

Identification of a Force-Sensing Resistor for Tactile Applications, Mohammad Yousef Saadeh and Mohamed B. Trabia

A Concept of Power Generator using Wind Turbine, Hydrodynamic Retarder, and Organic Rankine Cycle Drive, Samuel M. Sami

Review of the Development of the Transportation, Aging, and Disposal (TAD) Waste Disposal System for the Proposed Yucca Mountain Geologic Repository, Charlotta E. Sanders

Rapid Magneto-Rheological Finishing of Ti-6Al-4V for Aerospace Components, Takashi Sato, Chan Kai Kum, and V. C. Venkatesh

Precision Finishing of Bevel Gears by Electrochemical Honing, J. H. Shaikh, N. K. Jain, and V. C. Venkatesh

Mono-sized sphere packing algorithm development using optimized Monte Carlo technique, Karn Soontrapa and Yitung Chen

IPMC as a Mechanoelectric Energy Harvester: Tailored Properties, Rashi C. Tiwari and Kwang J. Kim

Mechanoelectric Transduction in Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite, Rashi. C. Tiwari and Kwang J. Kim

Development of autonomous robotic monitoring vehicle (ARMV) for aerial radiation monitoring, Woosoon Yim, Alex Barzilov, and G. Friesmuth

Effect of Lateral Fin Profiles on Stress Performance of Internally Finned Tubes in a High Temperature Heat Exchanger, Min Zeng, Ting Ma, Bengt Sundén, Mohamed B. Trabia, and Qui-wang Wang

Augmented Boiling Heat Transfer on the Wetting-Modified Three Dimensionally-Interconnected Alumina Nano Porous Surfaces in Aqueous Polymeric Surfactants, Bong June Zhang and Jiyeon Park

The Influence of Dielectric Decrement on Electrokinetics, Hui Zhao and Shengjie Zhai

Submissions from 2011

Failure Strength of Silicone Carbide Ceramic Disks Under Biaxial Flexure When Exposed to Elevated Temperatures and Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, A. Barreau, R. Hernandez, and Brendan O'Toole

Combining Meshless Analysis and Kalman Filters to Estimate Parameters When System Models are Inaccurate, A. F. Emery and Darrell Pepper


Long Term Outdoor Testing of Low Concentration Solar Modules, Lewis Fraas, James Avery, Leonid Minkin, H. X. Huang, Tim Hebrink, and Robert F. Boehm

An on Sun Parametric Study of Solar Hydrogen Production using WO3 Photoanodes, Christopher K. Halford and Robert F. Boehm


Techno-economic analysis and engineering design consideration of algal biofuel in southern Nevada, Jian Ma

Improved Delta-Q Measurement Technique for Estimating the Total and Local Leakages in Residential Buildings, Nabil Nassif and Samir Moujaes

An Hp-Finite Element Method for Simulating Indoor Contaminant Dispersion, Darrell Pepper and Xiuling Wang

Economic Feasibility of Energy Efficiency Measures in Residential Buildings, Suresh B. Sadineni, Todd M. France, and Bob Boehm

Passive Building Energy Savings: A Review of Building Envelope Components, Suresh B. Sadineni, Srikanth Madala, and Bob Boehm

A fuzzy-controlled Hooke-Jeeves optimization algorithm, Deepak Sankar Somasundaram and Mohamed Trabia

Optimization of shock response within a military vehicle space frame, Jagadeep Thota, Brendan O'Toole, and Mohamed Trabia

Modeling of Hysteresis and Backlash for a Smart Fin with a Piezoelectric Actuator, Mohamed Trabia, Woosoon Yim, and Mohammad Saadeh


Diffuse-Charge Dynamics of Ionic Liquids in Electrochemical Systems, Hui Zhao

Double-Layer Polarization of a Non-Conducting Particle in an Alternating Current Field with Applications to Dielectrophoresis, Hui Zhao


Role of Hydrodynamic Behavior of DNA Molecules in Dielectrophoretic Polarization Under the Action of an Electric Field, Hui Zhao


Streaming Potential Generated by a Pressure-Driven Flow Over Superhydrophobic Stripes, Hui Zhao

Water Immersion Cooling of PV Cells in a High Concentration System, Li Zhu, Robert F. Boehm, Yiping Wang, Christopher K. Halford, and Yong Sun

Submissions from 2010

Editorial/Foreword, Robert F. Boehm

Performance Model Assessment for Multi-Junction Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems, Christopher Cameron, Clark Crawford, James Foresi, David King, Robert McConnell, Dan Riley, Aaron Sahm, and Joshua Stein

An H-Adaptive Finite Element Method for Turbulent Heat Transfer, David B. Carrington, Xiuling Wang, and Darrell Pepper

Mechanism of Creep Deformation of Alloy 230 Based on Microstructural Analyses, Sudin Chatterjee and Ajit K. Roy

Comparison of CeBr3 with LaBr3:Ce, LaCl3:Ce, and NaI:Tl detectors, P. Guss, Michael Reed, and Ding Yuan

Numerical Modeling of Velocity and Temperature Distributions in a Bipolar Plate of PEM Electrolysis Cell with Greatly Improved Flow Uniformity, Jephanya Kasukurthi, K. M. Veepuri, Jianhu Nie, and Yitung Chen

Experimental and Simulation Study on Wind Affecting Particle Flow in a Solar Receiver, Kibum Kim, Samir Moujaes, and Gregory J. Kolb

Nanoparticle Transport and Coagulation in Bends of Circular Cross Section Via a New Moment Method, Jianzhong Lin, Peifeng Lin, Mingzhou Yu, and Huajun Chen

Numerical Modeling of Three-Dimensional Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flow in the Flow Field Plate of a PEM Electrolysis Cell, J. H. Nie and Yi-Tung Chen

Development of an Object-Oriented Finite Element Program with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Multi-Physics Applications, Jian H. Nie, D. A. Hopkins, Yi-Tung Chen, and H. T. Hsieh

Numerical Study of Nozzle Design on Cadmium Quenching Process in Thermochemical Splitting of Water, Jianhu Nie

Evaluation of Yield Strength Anomaly of Alloy 718 at 700-800°C, Ajit K. Roy and Anand Venkatesh

Crack-Growth Behavior of Alloy 230 Under Creep-Fatigue Conditions, A. K. Roy, Sudin Chatterjee, Muhammad Hasibul Hasan, J. Pal, and L. Ma

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Enhances Cancer Cell Adhesion to Microvascular Endothelium in Vivo: Experimental Physiology-Research Paper, Shang Shen, Jie Fan, Bin Cai, Yonggang Lv, Min Zeng, Yanyan Hao, Filippo G. Giancotti, and Bingmei M. Fu

Formation and Protection of Fe-Cr Oxide Spinel During the Oxidation Process of Stainless Steels in LBE Environment, Taide Tan and Yitung Chen

Review of Study on Solid Particle Solar Receivers, Taide Tan and Yitung Chen

Fabrication and Analysis of Composite Ducts for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Jagadeep Thota, K Clark, and T Higgins

Shock Optimization in a Military Vehicle with Internal Space Frame, Jagadeep Thota, Mohamed Trabia, and Brendan O'Toole

Flight Characteristics of Flapping Wing Miniature Air Vehicles with "Figure-8" Spherical Motion, Mohamed B. Trabia, Woosoon Yim, Zohaib Parvaiz Rehmat, and Jesse Roll


Electro-Osmotic Flow Over a Charged Superhydrophobic Surface, Hui Zhao


On the Effect of Hydrodynamic Slip on the Polarization of a Nonconducting Spherical Particle in an Alternating Electric Field, Hui Zhao

On the Influence of Ion Excluded Volume (Steric) Effects on the Double-Layer Polarization of a Nonconducting Spherical Particle in an AC Field, Hui Zhao

Polarization of Nanorods Submerged in an Electrolyte Solution and Subjected to an Ac Electrical Field, Hui Zhao and Haim H. Bau

Submissions from 2009


Pressure-Driven Transport of Particles through a Converging-Diverging Microchannel, Ye Ai, Sang W. Joo, Yingtao Jiang, Xiangchun Xuan, and Shizhi Qian

Transient Electrophoretic Motion of a Charged Particle through a Converging-Diverging Microchannel: Effect of Direct Current-Dielectrophoretic Force, Ye Ai, Sang W. Joo, Yingtao Jiang, Xiangchun Xuan, and Shizhi Qian

Re-living Las Vegas: A Multi-User, Mixed Reality Edutainment Environment Based on the Enhancement of Original Archival Materials, M. Antognozzi, A. Bottino, A. De Santi, M. Locatelli, V. Lera, and Daniel P. Cook

Fresnel Lens Soiling Characterization and Effect Upon Performance, Leonardo D. Banchik, Aaron Sahm, Robert F. Boehm, and Kenneth W. Stone

A Time-Dependent Electrodiffusion-Convection Model for Charged Macromolecule Transport Across the Microvessel Wall and in the Interstitial Space, Bin Chen and Bingmei M. Fu

A Comparative Study on the Uptake of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Anodonta Californiensis, Marcos A. Cheney, Jing Liu, Amei Amei, Xuxin Zhao, Sang W. Joo, and Shizhi Qian

Numerical Analysis on the Performance of the Solid Solar Particle Receiver With the Influence of Aerowindow, Z. Chen; Yu Chen; and T, Tan

Modeling of Cryogenic Frictional Behaviour of Titanium Alloys using Response Surface Methodology Approach, N. S. M. El-Tayeb, T. C. Yap, V. C. Venkatesh, and P. V. Brevern

Optimization of Weighting Parameters For an Active Suspension System of a Vehicle, Ahmad A. Fayed, Mohamed Trabia, and Mohamed M. El-Madany

Home Energy Conservation in the Las Vegas Valley, Todd M. France, Rick A. Hurt, and Robert F. Boehm

Modeling of Ionic Polymer Metal Composite Actuator Dynamics Using a Large Deflection Beam Model, Shivakanth Gutta, Joon S. Lee, Mohamed Trabia, and Woosoon Yim

Modeling Dynamics of Underwater Vehicles Actuated by Ionic Polymer Metal Composite (IPMC) Actuators, Shivakanth Gutta, Woosoon Yim, and Mohamed Trabia

Yaw Angle and Speed Control of Underwater Vehicle Propelled by Ionic Polymer Metal Composite (IPMC) Actuator, Shivakanth Gutta, Woosoon Yim, and Mohamed Trabia

How to Make an Unfired Clay Cooking Pot: Understanding the Technological Choices made by Arctic Potters, Karen G. Harry, Lisa Frink, Brendan J. O'Toole, and Andreas Charest

The Effects of Cyclic Loading, Temperature and Load Ratio on Plastic Deformation of Alloy 617, Muhammad Hasibul Hasan, A. K. Roy, and Joydeep Pal

Direct Solar Water Splitting Cell using Water, WO3, Pt, and Polymer Electrolyte Membrane, Xiaoming He and Robert F. Boehm

The Development of a Model for a Solar-Fired, Single-Effect, Absorption Chiller, Kevin E. Hinderliter, Robert F. Boehm, and Isaac Y. Mahderekal

Knowledge-Based Information Resource Management System for Materials of Fast Reactors, Hsuan-Tsung Sean Hsieh, Ning Li, Yitung Chen, Kenny Kwan, Jen-Yuan Huang, and Changyeol Lee

Comparison of Plate Fin Compact Heat Exchanger Performance, Ibrahim Khalil, Ahmad Abu Heiba, and Robert F. Boehm

A Study of Solid Particle Flow Characterization in Solar Particle Receiver, Kibum Kim, Nathan Siegel, Gregory J. Kolb, Vijayarangan Rangaswamy, and Samir Moujaes

Comparison of Two-Tank Indirect Thermal Storage Designs for Solar Parabolic Trough Power Plants, Joseph E. Kopp and Robert F. Boehm

Vision-Based Autonomous Robot Control for Pick and Place Operations, T. Kotthäuser and Georg F. Mauer

Incorporating Twinkling in Genetic Algorithms for Global Optimization, George Samaan Ladkany and Mohamed B. Trabia


Research on the Transport and Deposition of Nanoparticles in a Rotating Curved Pipe, Jianzhong Lin, Peifeng Lin, and Huajun Chen

Design and Development of a Gas-Engine-Driven Heat Pump, Isaac Y. Mahderekal, Robert G. Gaylord, Tommis Young, Kevin E. Hinderliter, and Ed Vineyard


Doppler Broadening Analysis of Steel Specimens Using Accelerator Based In Situ Pair Production, V. Makarashvili, Douglas P. Wells, and Ajit K. Roy

CFD Predictions and Experimental Comparisons of Pressure Drop Effects of Turning Vanes in 90° Duct Elbows, Samir Moujaes and S. Aekula

Modelling and Simulation of a Three-Link Spatial Manipulator with One Flexible Link, Kamal A.F. Moustafa, Mohamed Trabia, Mahmoud Emira, and S. Elnaggar

Modelling and Control of an Overhead Crane with a Variable Length Flexible Cable, Kamal A.F. Moustafa, Mohamed Trabia, and Mohamed I.S. Ismail

CFD Modeling and Experimental Validation of Sulfur Trioxide Decomposition in Bayonet Type Heat Exchanger and Chemical Decomposer for Different Packed Bed Designs, Vijaisri Nagarajan, Valery Ponyavin, Yitung Chen, Milton E. Vernon, Paul Pickard, and Anthony Hechanova

Measurement Techniques for Estimating Local and Total Duct Leakages in Residential Buildings, Nabil Nassif, Samir Moujaes, R. Gundavelli, D. Selvaraj, and Ken Teeters

Uniaxial Compression and Creep Behavior of a Porous State-Change Material at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures, S. M. Nelson, Brendan O'Toole, and Jagadeep Thota

Optimization of Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Tubes Loaded in Bending and Compression, S. M. Nelson, Jagadeep Thota, and Brendan O'Toole

Numerical and Experimental Study of Three-Dimensional Fluid Flow in the Bipolar Plate of a PEM Electrolysis Cell, J. H. Nie, Yi-Tung Chen, Steve Cohen, Blake D. Carter, and Robert F. Boehm

Numerical Modeling of Vapor Condensation During Cadmium Quenching Process in A Solar Receiver, J. H. Nie, Y. Chen, and Bunsen Wong

Effects of a Baffle on Separated Convection Flow Adjacent to Backward-Facing Step, Jian H. Nie, Yitung Chen, and Hsuan-Tsung Hsieh

Design and Control of a Real-Time Variable Stiffness Vibration Isolator, S. Opie and Woosoon Yim